Bathroom faucets - one handle or two?

beepsJune 8, 2012

I'm wondering whether to get one handle or two in the bathroom. I'm getting just the one in kitchen - no doubt about that. But, that one is big enough I can shut it off with my forearm so I don't drip water all down on the spout when turning it off. In the bathroom can you still do that or do you end up dripping all over the entire fixture every time you turn it off? If that's the case I may go with two handled, even though I like the sleeker look of the single handle. Then at least I only drip on the one handle.

Also - size-wise - if I get a 20" or so long sink (still deciding on sinks) would a single handle look too small?

Any thoughts appreciated.

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If the funds are there, have you ever considered a Tapmaster? There will be no drippy faucets :)
I've had one in the kitchen for 10 years and one in the master bath for 4.5 years. No batteries, no electricity. Saves water and increases productivity. It's like having three hands. You can find more information from Tapmaster owners in the Kitchen forum.
Personally, I prefer an 8" spread and two handles

Here is a link that might be useful: Tapmaster

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Wow. The Tapmaster is a really interesting idea. Just watched all the videos. I had actually thought about a sensor one but they just don't have a look I like. This might just be a great solution. I'll go check out the info in Kitchens. Thanks much!

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There are also touch sensitive bathroom faucets available now. Delta and brizo have several--just tap the housing with a wrist.

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OMG! Touch sensitive faucets are going in my new house! Yeah!! Thanks so much writersblock! I had no idea! I'd think I'd prefer that to the Tapmaster so I don't have to drill a hole in the new cabs or floor or anything. Genius. :)

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I have a Delta touch sensitive faucet in my kitchen. It actually can drive me a little crazy. If I bump it while washing a big pot, it turns off. If I tap it turn it on, but the handle isn't right then I have to adjust the handle anyway. I'm not sure I'd install it again if I had it to do all over again.

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