Fall #4 ))) & Final !!!!

slinkeyOctober 8, 2010

These are the last of Fall Pics - I promise !

I know your eyeballs are probably 'fried' by now!

Small DR Table with the second Bird Cup I purchased.

This arrangement is a little different from the first cup..

Large China Cabinet... I didn't really decorate it this yr..

I was running out of steam and I just did a small vignette.

CTS Pumpkin Bowls..'Where's Betty' !! Footed Cake Stand

Southern Living..and Leaf dish - CTS. By the way, that Pewter Lamp - was w/o the Blk Shade when I bought it at a Town TS this Summer, for a 'Whopping' $.25. I couldn't believe the woman only wanted a quarter for it! I then bought the shade for $1.99.

Small Buffet arrangement.

I used a pewter candlestick with some 'tacky stickem' and placed a plate on top of it to create a footed cake stand...then added the glass cloche on top. The cloche was from GW for $3.

This little guy was a 'Great Buy'. One day I was in HG and I saw him, but the floral knob was chipped. He was the only one they had, and was marked $5.99. I asked if they would discount him...and the girl said okay - $1...Wowie @@

I'm on the look out for larger ones..They're so pretty.

Dining Room Table -

And Finally..my Blk Hutch. Some of you probably remember the one that we bought unfinished and make it look like this.

I mixed together my Johnson's Friendly Vlg and Johnson's Autumn Monarch Plates. I bought the AMs at the End of August. DH thought I was nuts thinking Thanksgiving at that time, but I told him - if I didn't get them then...that would be it! I only bought 4 and now I can't find the same ones to add on to!

CTS pumpkin bowls..the two small tureens were from my DM and the tureen with the rooster was a gift from a friend.

Also some of my Pewter collection.

Okay I hope I didn't torture you too much...

Thanks for looking...


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Jane, you really went all out this year and everything is so pretty. You got some great deals this year. All your added touches are perfect. The dining table arrangement is so awesome. Wish I had more time and all this would be enought to make me want to finish what I've started around here.LOL Heck I can't even find time to post what I have gotten done and I'm not sick.

Hope your checkup went well and you continue to feel better all the time.


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Jsne, everything is so lovely. The only way you could torture us with pictures is to stop posting them! We'd have to hunt you down if you tried that tho.
Your vignettes, and your photography, always bring me such joy to see.

I love your little pheasant. I've never seen one like that.
I think your floral arrangements in the large bird cups will remain a top favorite of mine tho.

I hope you got a good report from the Doc and are doing better each day.
hugs, Karen

hugs, Karen

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Oooooooh, Ahhhhhh, I just hate being tortured like this. Silly girl. Those giant cups have really make an impact on me, I'll be keeping my eye out for them. Your pheasant is darling and the pitcher arrangement is stunning. My favorite is the black buffet, those plates and white pumpkins are making me pea green with envy. I hope your feeling up to snuff real soon.

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Please don't stop! I love seeing all your pretty pictures, you have such a good eye for doing classy vignettes. I love all your pedestal stands and the cloches, I especially love the one that is sort of squared, hadn't seen one like it before. Pitchers are another favorite of mine, always think they look so nice with flowers in them, your white one on the table is nice. Thanks for sharing your Fall decor with us. I too hope you are feeling better and able to enjoy the season. Luvs

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What a lovely home you have! I so enjoy all your postings, as it gives me a chance to see more parts of your house - a house I know I'd be comfortable in from the moment I set foot in it. I like the pewter stemmed cake plate that you made with stickem. And, of course, I'm crazy about the dining room hutch that looks like you special ordered it (well, in a way, I guess you did - you just ordered it from your husband!).

All the arrangements that adorn your nooks and crannies make it really feel like fall has arrived.

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Oh please, torture?? You silly,! Haven't you learned by now that the enablers on here can't get enough??

Everything is just wonderful and so well displayed. I am having black hutch envy, but literally don't have a spare inch of wall to place one, : (.

Well done.

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What can I say? Everything is gorgeous. I have been jealous of that black hutch since you bought it and who would have thought it would show off your autumn dishware so beautifully? I have a small spot between the kitchen and pantry for a hutch like that and I'm going to do it!

I like the acorns in your leaf bowl and all the arrangements in your pitchers. You are really talented!

- Magpie

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Ahhh, gee, Jane...I'm speechless! Ditto to everything said above...but that display in your black hutch...ohhhh, priceless! And so wonderful that the contents have been accumulated from family, friends & shopping...(my 3 favorite things!) Everything is GORGEOUS & I see you used no linens...just the beautiful wood for the vignettes. TFS! Jeanne S.

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Jane. all I can say is Whow! You have been one busy lady. I ditto all everyone else has said. You really have the knack for making things look fantastic. I am so envious. Hope you get to feeling better so you can enjoy everything you have done. I love your dishes in the black hutch. I have an old hutch I bought from one of my neighbors that was moving, (for $20) twenty yrs ago. looks simular, except the bottom of mine doesn't have doors, just open shelves. DH could add doors, I"m sure, butt I can't figure out where I couold put it. I"ll have to do some thinking on that one, for sure. I would love to find some Johnson Bro. china in the Friendly Village pattern and also the Gobbler. You do have a beautiful home and have done such a good job decorating it. Don't every worry about posting too many pics. We love them!!!! Janet

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Wow is right! Fabulous! You have an amazing collection and display it all so tastefully!

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Thanks everyone..
I'll make this a quick reply, and once again..
The Dr report today, came back good..The infection has cleared from my kidneys and I'm AOK just have to pace myself. (what's that)
Thanks for all who asked and for all your good wishes.

Punk..glad you liked looking at everything...take care of yourself too.

Karen...Ty - I agree, the Bird cup is my favorite too.

Frou..check Marshalls... the cups were on clearance a couple of wks ago.

Luvs the 'squared' cloche..is actually round, with a 'flat' top to it..which I think makes it look different.

OA..that's a great compliment 'comfortable' I'd rather have that than 'fancy' any day! TY

Candy..awww I'm sure you can squeeze 1 more in! lol

Magpie...Your compliments are so sweet.

On getting a hutch for that spot...go for it and then 'Show Pictures'.. I really hope you do.

jeanne...another thing we have in common your '3 favorite things' !! lol TY

janet1...such warm compliments...ty. I'm sure DH could add those doors as you say. That bottom portion is very deceiving, and holds many dishes. As far as the dishes...I've seen the Friendly Vlg at HGs. They usually put them out at this time of yr. I was able to get mine from Ebay last summer, when it's a slow time on there and the prices seem better.

Thanks again everyone..


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