30' Build in Liebherr vs Subzero

735ageMay 14, 2012

Wondering if I could get some feedback from Liebherr (C1650) and Subzero (611) owners as we keep going back and forth between these two. The Subzero is a previous model that has been dis-continued so the price is almost the same. The retailer said its still covered under the standard warranty. Although I've read that Liebherr is slightly better in terms of requiring very little servicing.

In terms of the actual fridges, both accommodate our needs and we like the look of both. But there are slight differences that have me going back and forth. I like the Subzero as it has an adjustable roll out deli basket (good for keeping the fridge better organized) and I think the pullout freezer drawers might be more convenient than the Liebherr where you have to open the door and then pull out the drawers.

But after reading some reviews on this site, I've seen people comment that it can be more challenging to find items in the Subzero freezer as everything gets stacked on top of each other. We're putting our current Fridge/Freezer in our basement so we'll have extra space to store bigger items so perhaps the stacked items aren't an issue?

These small differences have me going back and forth so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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I've had the C1650 for 4 years now and absolutely love it. My objection to the Sub Zero was twofold: I got arm-ache whenever I tried to open the door on one, whereas the door mechanism on the Leibherr has a movement that gently 'pushes' the door open when releasing the seal, making things very easy on my arms.
Secondly, I love the Leibherr freezer drawers - I disliked the SubZero set-up, partly because it seemed hard to find things when they're all stacked on each other (might as well have had a cheap unit with an eye-level freezer in that case) and the pull-out door meant that you have to stand to one side to reach things, twisting your back awkwardly. And in my kitchen, standing in the doorway . . .
The Leibherr drawers keep things well organised, and if you need to look in one longer - I just lift out the drawer onto the counter, shut the door to keep the cold in, and sort out that one drawer.

I have found it's well worth stocking up on rectangular storage containers as they fit much better than round ones.

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