a little bit more Halloween decor

christmascandyOctober 27, 2011

I put these TS books on my secretary in the LR with a cermaic Jack on top. I have had the Jack forever. The bottom book is "The Witching Hour."

The 2 metal pumpkins are TS finds, as was the Jack wooden basket. I created the arrangement in it. The 2 tier stand is the one I found at GW and said I would post later. The candlesticks I have had for years and the candles and rings are TS.

The flying bat in the archway is a TS stuffed toy that I suspended using fishing line.

My DR chandy that I told Karen I had decorated similar to hers. I had the large spider web for years, and the spider was a TS buy a couple of yrs ago. The little bead witches hanging on each end were HL 90% off after Halloween last yr.

I will show the tablescape in another post.

Happy Halloween,


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Those two metal pumpkins sure caught my eye, once again you found some really neat 'treasures' at a TS. I really like the vignette you created with them too.
Your dining room looks awesome! The big ol' hairy spider on the chandy is triple the size of mine. LOL. Good thing you have a giant web for yours, keep him happy!

I definitely love the look of books in vignettes. And you sure found perfect Halloween ones.

The stuffed flying bat reminded me I've actually got a stuffed crescent moon! Gosh, never thought to get it out of storage box to use for Halloween. Somebody remind me next year!! One of my witches could sit on it maybe. (It was for a kid's room and given to me when their daughter outgrew the decor.)

Candy, you've definitely got to start giving me all these ideas a lot SOONER. LOL.
hugs, Karen

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What a feast for the eyes, Candy!
Great book titles for Halloween.
I noticed the cute little chipmunk trying to scamper off with his acorn.
The metallic pumpkins are so pretty and they are perfect in your vignette.
I love the huge cobweb and spider hanging from your Chandy.
That bat would have me diving for cover for sure.LOL

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Candy, neat book vignette for Halloween. You found some great books for this one! I looked one day but never found anything I wanted. Good reasone to go back and keep looking.ha

The metal stand, beautiful metal pumpkins, candle holders and little chipmunk is so pretty together. I have a metal stand that I use outside to hold one of my lady bug bowling balls on our deck. I could bring it in and decorate with it.Hum... So many fun things come about on here.LOL

Pretty DR shot through the arch. Chandy looks great decorated with the web, witches and spider. I'm loving the wht pumpkin platter on the left side in the bottom picture.Nice

Won't be long and Halloween will be over. I never put up any of my outdoor decorations but might set a few things out if it's nice this weekend for the little goblins.

Enjoyed your beautiful decor. Hope you post your DR pictures soon.


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Love the stacked book vignette, too, candy ...great titles for that & the old pumpkin found a perfect spot. Looks like an interesting 'raven'(?) peeking around the corner reading the titles!

That bat flying in the arch is too funny! Like he's trying to get outta' there! Would make me think twice when I walked into that room! Very cute!

Looks like you're all decked out & ready for the weekend! Enjoy & TFS your home! Jeanne S.

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Candy..such a creative vignette with the stacked books -(great titles)..btw, I have the same 'Jack'...had it for yrs too!
Your DR is so dramatic looking...Great idea with the big spiderweb hanging from the ceiling...but that big spider gives me the creeps and the bat, would make me want to cover my head!! lol
You also created a nice vignette with the metal pumpkins and jack basket on the stand. The candleholders on either side are a nice compliment too. Love the adorable little chipmunk tucked in there!
All that's needed now are the Trick or Treaters!

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Karen, I would give you the ideas sooner, but remember I have to force myself to start fall decorating, cause I live in a state of denial about the end of summer, LOL
I think one of your witches would look really cute on your crescent moon.

Nana, Mr. Bat has a pretty cute face, so I don't think he would scare you all that much. I got the idea to use the books with appropriately Halloween type titles from our own Kathe.

Punk, the DR pictures will be posted soon, but I have to resize and save them first and then use tinypic to get them to the forum.

Jeanne, the "raven" you spied is a happy meal toy from last year when they were doing the owls of Gilhooley or something like that. It was a movie out last year. Can't quite remember the title, senior moment, LOL

Jane, I ended up with 2 of those chipmunks, one from a TS and one from Doll. General, on sale.

Thanks everybody,

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