where did you buy your GE advantium speed oven?

rach4136May 26, 2013

So far I have only been able to find it in online stores like aj madison and the ge website. I would prefer not to buy it online to avoid the hassel of dealing with customer service over the phone should any problems arise. I live in a smaller town and the one specialty appliance store here does not sell GE products. Is there a big box retailer that sells the advantium that I may have overlooked? Also has anybody purchased appliances from the ge website and, if so, how was your experience with them? Thank you in advance for any guidance that you can offer!

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I bought all my appliances through the GE friends and family store online. So far I have not had any problems, which is good, but it means I can't comment on their service.

The couple of times I called with questions or concerns they were quick to help and courteous.

So far we have had the induction range and DW about 17 months (range is my favorite, LOVE it! DW is a close second), and the fridge just over a year. Advantium is here waiting for install this week.

I was hesitent to buy online too, but the prices were too good to pass up, and I figured buying right from the company should make things easier, I hope.

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Google GE Advantium and your zip code.


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I've seen them at BestBuy and HHGregg.

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I bought mine at a small town appliance store. I wanted to stay local and not use box stores as much as possible.

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Thank you for all of the input! When I looked it up on the BB website a couple of days ago it wasn't there (I swear!) but when I went into the store today the saleslady was able to find it! She also price matched the GE website which was great! Cannot wait to try out the speed oven features that I have heard such great things about on GW!

a2gemini - I was hoping to avoid the "bog box" stores as well but there aren't many to choose from here :(

Thanks again, everybody!

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You will enjoy that speed oven!!

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