Fall - 3rd and Final !

slinkeyOctober 17, 2011

Here's the last of the Fall pictures..

Family Room - Tall Shelf Display...


These are remote control candles. I love them!!

I've been looking at them for awhile - but they were very pricey, then I found them at CTS - a set of 3 for $9.99.

I bought 3 sets...I love the fact that you don't have to disturb anything to turn them on or off.

Lighted Branches...I didn't add anything to them other than branches from outside..

Small table in FR -

LR - Coffee Table

Sorry for so many dark pictures. I've been struggling with my camera settings - I need to practice more..

I feel releived I got this far knowing that Halloween is right around the corner..and I need to do some TS as well!

Is it me..or do you find that everything is moving to quickly. I was in Michael's the other day - and almost all Fall stuff was gone. Everything was - ALL Christmas!

Well anyway - Thanks again.


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Jane, all your fall decor is beautiful. So many neat pumpkins, squash, berries and picks. I'm loving the remote control candles at such a great price. I thought my battery ones was great when I found them.

The fireplace setting is so welcoming. Looks great with all the glowing candles. Good to see the ducks got to come out to play! They always quack me up. The metal basket w/bird on top is such a neat one. I seldom use my lighted branches but maybe between Jeanne and you, I'll bring them out before the fall season ends!LOL

The small green table is way cool itself. Love the way you decorated with the wired container, pitcher and other things. Picture, candle jar and dish is a nice vignette for the coffee table. Simply elegant. I have a little pink dish with acorns I picked up and a few picks may be what I need to display it.

I'd rather decorate just for fall but all my Halloween stuff makes me think I need to do both.LOL You know, woulda, shoulda, coulda done w/o... I'm not an orange person and I'm slowly getting more of the other colors. Love the new fall color choices they keep coming out with.

Always enjoy seeing how you display for fall. Will check back in tonight to see #1 & #2. Should of gotten up earlier!!!


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Wow, more wonderful things to look at, Jane.
You have beautiful arrangements.
The fireplace so lovely and welcoming. The remote candles were a real find.
The wire basket, pumpkin and pitcher are just right for the little green table.
As usual I'm sure I forgot to mention something. Thank you for the wonderful tour.

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jane...I've priced those 'remote' candles & they are about $30 around here...so I am watching for a good bargain! I do buy the 'timer' battery ones when I find a good sale ...they stay on for about 6 hrs. TFS yours ...they look wonderful on the mantel & in the fireplace!

I really like the branch lights & how you layered that display in front of them...that metal(?) basket w/bird on the handle is gorgeous & filled w/ lovely pumpkin/foilage arrangement! Plus the little stool it's sitting on...love this whole corner...well, all the fireplace display...lantern box & that copper kettle w/firewood! So warm & inviting! & your pics are great! (really can feel the warmth!)

Family room tables keep to your style of "just keep it simple this yr" ...& you've certainly accomplished your eleglant & comfortable style! Love the basket on the table filled w/gourds & pumpkins! The green pitcher...lovely!

Everything is beautiful, slinkey & like you, time is passing so quickly! Yes, all the Christmas stuff out ...I guess I'm to the point that I am just enjoying it all & that means more bargain $$$ on Fall stuff now...right? Cause it's gone off the shelves so quickly! TFS your home, jane. Loved the tour. Jeanne S.

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Another big WOW...its all just beautiful. I especially love the fireplace corner with lighted twigs!

I really admire the way you make things look elegant, its a look that totally escapes me. Do you give lessons? LOL

hugs, Karen

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I loved your candles very much! What is the store CTS? Your decorations are wonderful. They put me in the mood for hot cider and family gatherings.

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Well, I can't really say you saved the best for last as it has all been gorgeous, but like everyone else, I love the fireplace decor. Those remote candles are too cool, and the price was amazing.
Once again, green with envy over your CTS and the amazing deals everyone seems to find there. Between you and Kathleen, I drool every time you ladies share your deals.

I agree that the fall/Halloween items are disappearing quickly. I tried to find the Doll. Tree holographic pictures in the middle of Sept. and they were already sold out, although I did find the old lady one after going to about 6 different stores.

You really have some great pieces, the green pitcher, the metal basket, the large copper pot, all your pumpkins.....its all fab.


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Thank You Again Everyone!

Punk - Jeanne.. A while ago I was looking at the candles with timers on QVC (too pricey) ...then did a search on the net..I came across a demo of the remote ones and I got 'hooked'... Walmart.com had them (best price).. but they were sold out. Good thing they were because they were more than twice the price as CTS.
Also Punk - dig out those lighted branches..I used only one set. I think Jeanne (who started it all) has more than one set displayed.

Karen...I bet everyone here will agree - You don't need lessons on your decorating. You always do lovely job - and I'm always amazed over all your displays that never look overdone or crowded.

Hi susie...thanks for the sweet compliments - hot cider & all! CTS - is Christmas Tree Shops. I don't know where you're located but they seem to be spread out all over. Check their website for locations. They have great stuff at fabulous prices...They're addicting. Several of us here shop there..we're like 'Stepford Wives' - under their 'Spell' lol.

Candy...keep checking CTS website..they are constantly expanding. There might be one not too far from you.
When I first stared shopping there over 30 yrs ago...they were only on Cape Cod. Then they slowly started opening off the Cape. The closest one to me then was about 1 1/2 hr. DH-DD and I would make a Day of it and would never come home empty handed. Since BB&BY took them over about 3 yrs ago..they are spreading all over the states.

Thanks again everyone for looking -


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I haven't been to CTS yet to look for those candles. I love the lighted branches too, it really looks great.
I admire your stamina to do all that.
Your home looks lovely.

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Thanks Kathleen...
'You' admire My stamina to do all that' !!
When I visit your blog...'You' blow my mind away with not only your fabulous TS...but your fantastic Cooking !!
Now 'that's stamina!!
I got the lighted branches from CTS too - during the Summer. Each package had two branches for $6.99.
I bought 2 packages. I see they have ones for the Holidays. I think I might try those too if I see white ones.

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jane & kathleen...I bought mine at 'Gordman's' cause they were like $30 (instead of $40) & then I had a 25% coupon off the $30. Mine are ONE bunch ...so all those stems you see came as one...I had been watching for specials & knew they were expensive in the specialty shops! Now they have them as pussy willows, flowers, etc. etc. I added Red Dogwood branches & my tall grasses. Jeanne S.

susiewantsroses...good to hear from you on the forum! ;-)

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Can't think of a thing I can add to what's been said. You really made everything look great, Jane. I'd not heard of remote controlled candles but will keep those in mind when I get to shop for sure. (Of course no CTS around here--but life's not all bad, the new HL will be opening this month at least!)


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loving everything I am seeing - I have several of the battery operated candles and votives but have not seen the remote control ones - will have to keep an eye out for them. Loving the lighted branches - I don't need any more decorations for fall and Christmas but they may find their way into my shopping cart by accident ;) TFS all your fall decorating - it is gorgeous .....


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Marlene Kindred

Just beautiful decorations! So many nice arrangements of collections, etc.

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Thanks Luvs..Lynne and Marlene...
I didn't know of those remote candles either and was really looking for the ones with the times (which are also great)...but fell upon a Youtube demo, and 'was hooked' !

Glad you enjoyed my Fall decorations.

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Very pretty decorations! Remote Candles sound cool! I have been buying the timed candles that turn on the same time each day for 6 hours. They are decent priced and I just have to change the batteries when they die (they last quite a while before needing to be changed). I love the lighted branches by the fireplace also, very pretty :)

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Thanks SD for the nice compliments.
As far as the remote candles...I was originally looking for ones like you have. I think it was Jeanne who had them and that got me wanting some. While seaching for them online, I came across the remote ones and was sold on the idea of using a remote. I was lucky to find them at a store near me, for about half of what I was originally going to pay. I also got the lighted branches at the same place, at the end of the Summer.
Glad you enjoyed looking.

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I have always said how much I love your fireplace, it's gorgeous as always. Well, what do you know, remote control candles, that's something I have not seen around here.

I did hit a CTS on the way home from Nashville in June, so it was all summer, nothing like you & Kathleen find for fall & Christmas.

All your decor is very warm & cozy!!

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Jane, I have to find some pedestals like you have. I haven't tried mine yet, as the painter is coming and I want to wait till he is finished. Can't wait to try them. Are you going to work them into your Cmas decor?

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