Karen...I spotted a Lantern!

slinkeyOctober 11, 2010

Karen, while I was out today with DH, I had the 'rare treat' of stopping at an AC Moore. (there's none near me). While there, I saw that they had some lanterns on display. I don't know if you have one near you.

Also, while checking out some sites tonight, I spotted this

lantern - see below.

Hope this helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: Lantern

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Jane....there's a Bed Bath n Beyond not too far from me.
And that lantern in the link is just what I want.
Thank you, now hopefully its in stock and I can save on shipping!!

HUGS, Karen

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That lantern looks just like my Pottery Barn ones, only taller and a lot less expensive. I got mine at an end of the season sale and the BB&B one is still half the price!
Very good hunting, Jane.

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Yes, it looks like the PBarn one I have too. I think I paid 18.00 for it.

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GOT IT. Wooo Hooo! THANK YOU!! And thanks to my DH NOT playing golf today! He went to the BB&B near us this morning, but they didn't have any and checked for him to see if another one did. Yep... all the way across town! But he knew I really wanted this and he drove all the way over and back to bring it to me. (I was shocked when he told me this too. then he went to the golf course to practice. LOL)

I am SO happy, I got my lantern! Yay.
And I've nearly finished my little bit of Halloween
decorating. Its kind of pathetic to take SO long to do
SO little! Blasted Fibro is fighting me every step....
literally. I still have to do my mantel and one shelf.
But I made a small wreath, and a "Witchkin" (the stacked faux pumpkin with witch hat and stuff. My two tables are done, and two shelves.

Boy, at this point I'm dreading Christmas decorating.
sigh. Jane, could you bring the Holiday full of volunteers? LOL

hugs, Karen

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And then after I bought the big one, I found these 3, which nest for easy storage for around 15 total for all 3, in CTS, either last year or the year before. I know I posted on them when I got them.

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Kathleen, that lantern trio is wonderful. I don't remember them, so they are 'new' to me. They will be a lot of fun to decorate with.

hugs, Karen

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Karen...so glad DH was able to get it for you.

I like the simplicity of it, and the fact that it's a good size. I can't believe the price and that they 'throw' in decorations and a candle with it too!

Kathleen, I don't remember that 'trio' either. I can see them in a grouping or individually. They're really nice.


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