Need help quickly!

mjtx2May 11, 2012

Posting this in two forums for hopefully quick responses ;)

Help - have to decide by 11 a.m. central today! ;)

I'm getting Sears' counter-depth refridgerator and freezer but they're separate units (about 18 cu ft each). Usually they're put side by side for a built-in look, but they always show them with a trim kit that makes them look built in.

I don't particularly want the trim kit but will it look funny without it?

I've got to know this morning because I'm doing final kitchen cabinet planning and they'll want an exact measurement.

Does it look okay without the trim kit?

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That's basically the same set up I have, but mine didn't come with the option of the trim kit. I would definitely get the kit if you are setting the units into a cabinet. It will look better and aid air flow.

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I know I'm too late for your answer, but I agree with marti8a re: airflow.

Just wanted to say I was at a party last Saturday and they had this fridge/freezer set up. It looks great and I had "size envy". Congrats I think you'll really like these.

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Thanks to both of you for your replies! I'm getting the trim kit.

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