Removing tub- what to put in its place?

lauren0319June 23, 2013

(sorry for the dark pic)

We are not bathtub people at all, obv since our laundry hamper sits in the tub, lol. We're not concerned w/ resale as we plan on being in this home for quite a while. Plus, we have 2 tubs upstairs. We're in the middle of what I thought was a small bathroom reno (pull down the wallpaper and add texture and paint.) However, now I'm wondering if we should pull the tub while we're at it. Removing the tub has always been in the long-term plans. I'm just unsure what to put in it's place.
We could expand a closet (we have his and her closets on either side of the tub) but we don't really need the additional hanging space. I'm a firm believer that one can never have too much storage, so maybe a built in dresser? The exterior wall is siding so the window could be manipulated. However, I do really like the light from outside.
Or a make-up desk with drawers? I don't have a spot to sit down to get ready and I'm sure I would like that.
Any thoughts? wwyd?

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A bench, to sit on after a shower? You know, to make it easier to dry your toes, put on shoes and socks. A place to put your clothes, that you put on after your shower...when I suggested a bench to my dh, he was very enthusiastic. We've always had to sit on the (closed) toilet or use the bathroom counter for clothes - neither satisfactory.

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Not a bad thought, but we actually have a chair in our bedroom for that exact purpose... Though 90% of the time it's covered in my clothes ;)

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Upholster a piece of plywood and place it on top of the deck, and add some pillows that will hide the controls and spout. You've got an instant window seat, and yet it still preserves it's functionality as a tub for down the road. You may not want a tub, but many many people do want one in a master.

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Yes, window seat with storage--it would be a great place to store towels or extra toiletries, etc.

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Window bench, only if it has needed storage. Or a vanity with triple mirror and small bench - a place to sit and dry your hair or put on makeup.

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