dmil bday table

phonegirlOctober 13, 2010

DMIL celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday. This is the table I set for her enjoyment.


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Punk this is so lovely and the colors you combined are so pretty. I love the whites with the golds and cream colors.
Very pretty place setting using your pumpkin bowls.
Love the amber glassware and your flatware goes so perfectly with everything.
What are those two little figurines? They look interesting.
I'm sure your MIL must have been thrilled to be sitting at this table like a queen!
You are such a sweet DIL and person - Always!


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Lovely, just lovely. What a beautiful table for your mother-in-law.

I think the white pumpkin bowls give it a bit of a modern flare, but it really seems very traditional - especially with the amber compotes and bowl. I can't tell what is sitting in the that center bowl. Got a close-up?

I really like the flateware. Have you shown it before? It looks familiar. What pretty goblets! Are they etched or painted? They certainly go well with the tablecloth.

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Thanks, Jane, the little figures are Homco. I wasn't sure I should use the little old people but she didn't pick up on that.LOL I'm glad you enjoyed the soft colors. I didn't want to use my fall colors on her table but used my pumpkin bowls to blend with all my fall decor. She loved her little gourd girl I made so that was her biggest thrill.


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OA, thanks for the comments. Here's a close up of the center. I should of done more but had company all weekend and didn't have much time to get this table set.

This table is very traditonal but so is DMIL. The flatware is new and I love it. I showed DD Kathleens and told DH I wanted some like that for my tables and that's all it took. I'll show all my neat goodies I received for my bday in another post. The goblets are etched and I bought them at Ross last year.


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Lovely, lucky MIL to have you! Jan

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80th is a special birthday and you sure made it a beautiful one. Like Jane, I thought your MIL probably felt like a queen.

The flatware is really pretty. Everything is.
hugs, Karen

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Punk, your table is beautiful. I love the combination of colors you used and the pumpkin bowls are perfect on the table. I love the Homco figurines you used, they were a nice touch.

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Thanks for taking the extra picture. Am I right in assuming it is a chip and dip sort of bowl?

The close-up shows off the angel candle taper holders too. How darling! I like the rose candles as well. I see you used a few of those in the total tablescape. I always like it when a hostess goes to the trouble to lighting candles when I'm invited to dinner. I think it says, "You're important to me." I imagine your DMIL felt very important that night.

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Punk, Your table is lovely.
What a wonderful way to honor your DMIL's birthday. The colors you chose blend beautifully. I have clear stemware similar to your gold ones. I really like the gold. The Homco figurines are great. The flatware caught my eye right away. I love it.

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What a beautiful table! Now we see why everyone spoils you, cause your so sweet. I love the gold, it's fallish and it would be great for a 50th too. That is so funny about the little old people figurines, it tickles me that you put them on there.

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What a lovely, elegant table. It speaks volumes about you and your MIL! I see your new birthday flatware on the table--you could have planned the table around it--looks so perfect.

I'll bet your DMIL loved her birthday.

- Magpie

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What a pretty table! When I am 80, will you set the table for me too???? and bring it on the bus????
Happy birthday to YOU and your MIL!!
Thanks for sharing with us,

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Beautiful table! I bet she loved it! That flatware is so pretty!

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Beautiful table, Punk!!! I'd love to know what you served for dinner -- especially in the pumpkin bowls and small gold compote-style glasses (I'd call them sherbet glasses, but I'm not sure why!).

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Flowers, candlelight & lace! Wow, punk, what a beautiful b'day table ... the china is so pretty & those pumpkin bowls match perfectly! Love how you light up the table, too ... and the pretty amber glass! Your new flatware looks very nice in the place settings! A special day for your MIL ...from a special DIL. TFS! Jeanne S.

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Glad you were able to do this special table for your MIL's birthday! I'm sure she really appreciated the fact that you made it so pretty for her. I see you got to use some of your new birthday treasures, wasn't that fun? The addition of the old couple made me laugh--probably good that she didn't focus in on those! LOL


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Jan, thanks and how sweet.

Karen, I do like to make others feel good and thanks.

Dream, thanks for the comments and glad you like the figures I choose for this table. I wasn't sure but didn't know what else to add that would go with it.

OA, it is a chip n dip bowl and sorry I didn't take a picture of that 4 u. DH had the day off so they spent it together at our home and went out for lunch. She did think the table was pretty and pleased I made it for her.

NanaKaren, thanks and I've seen the clear ones too but only have the gold. Glad you like the figurines and flatware too.

Frou, you made me laugh when I read your post. I shouldn't of stated the figurines as little OLD PEOPLE but I meant it in a positive way.LOL This one would work for a 50th table. Thanks for your sweet comments.

Magpie, I had already set the table before opening my gifts but didn't hesitate to add them to it. I liked it much better after I did.

J, I would love to come on the bus and set a table for you. With everyone from here coming with me it would be a piece of cake. How many years do we have to wait till your 80?LOL

Kathleen, thanks and I love my flatware.

PartyMusic, I love to set the tables but it's tough to schedule a large dinner unless it's on a weekend or a holiday. DS owns 2 busninesses and DD and I own 2 so it's almost impossible to all be together with all of DH's family unless it's a Holiday.

So to answer your question, the kids and us had BBQ Pork on buns and homemade mac and cheese with salad. And the table is still set. DMIL has 32 GGkids so cake and ice cream was served at her home with all attending.

Jeanne, it was a special day for her with her DS(my DH). Thanks for all your comments.

Luvs, it was fun being able to add more to DMIL table. I need some lessons on how I state things, don't I? I like these figurines and didn't mean it the way it came out. I'm a senior citizen now myself.LOL

Thanks for all your sweet comments on this table.


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