How to remove a stain on quartz countertop?

midimidJune 15, 2012

Hi all,

My girlfriend and I just moved into a really nice rental with white quartz counter tops in the bathroom. She left a set of wood bracelets on the countertop over about a week and it seems that the entire countertop has been wet after we leave for work in the morning. I lifted the bracelets this morning and a perfect circle has stained the countertop. I've tried soap/water with a sponge, but it won't go away.

Any thoughts on how to remove this? Its really bad!

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More muscle than just soap and water is required. A scotchbrite scrubbie with some soft scrub cleanser should do the trick. If it is actual quartz or a corian type material, it shouldn't really be stained, but there are probably surface bits of dirt that have become discolored and are adhering strongly.

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Try a little bit of Dawn dish detergent, wipe it over the area and let it sit for while before washing off. Good luck

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Smooth cooktop cleaner such as Cerama Bryte and a soft cloth. On the rare occasions when something marks my quartz counters this takes it right out.

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