Outdoor Halloween Decorations

phonegirlOctober 18, 2010

I didn't decorate as much this year outdoors but still enough for some enjoyment.

This is the front deck.

It's Joe? Our new guardian angel. Check out that necktie. DH has had this Wood Carving Indian for years at his office and brought him home to set on the deck to enjoy the Halloween fun this year. He looks pretty real so will be fun to hear comments from the little spooks.

Decorated DGD Swing Set.

See my "Scrappy" kitty just walking away?

Close up of the spider web with orange polka dot spiders and DGD's favorite Ghost that is fiber optic.

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FUN! FUN! FUN! We're going trick-or-treating at your house! Beautiful job and I have to say that I love Joe!!! He has character! Thanks for sharing! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Punk, I'm thinking that Joe just might scare the Trick or Treaters more than a skeleton or vampire or witch--when they realize he's not a person! LOL

How fun that you decorated DGD's swing set too, bet she will like that!

Know that you have been super busy, but it's nice that you are still making the time for a little fun decorating.


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Thanks Kirk, I guess I'll be making the wassail.LOL

Luvs, you might be right! We'll see and if he does, I'll throw a blanket over him.

I forgot to post my scarecrows beside DGD swing set. This is the reason I lit up her swing set area.


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Gosh..that last photo...what a beautiful yard!

How funny, I had the same thought as Luvs. Joe might be the one to scare the Trick or Treaters LOL. I can't believe you found time to do all this outdoor decorating!
Wow. My favorite is the Happy Ghost on the swing-set.

hugs, Karen

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Great! I just love it when people put out decorations for all the neighborhood Looky Lous. Yours are terrific. And that big expanse of yard is so pretty.

Swing set decorating. That must be a first. Love the lit-up spider webs too.

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Punk, I love your decorations! I soooo WANT that Indian! I love him and he looks fantastic sitting next to the door. Bet you have lots of fun with him and the children on Halloween night. LOL!

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OMgosh, punk! You have been BUSY ...& all the "trick & treaters" are going to enjoy your home! What fun!!! I also like that fiber optic ghost on the swing set...your DGD has great taste (as we already know!) And your scarecrow/bridge gardens are beautiful! Wow, are those "mountains" in the bkgrd? Your gardens & view is beautiful! TFS! Jeanne S.

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You didn't decorate as much this year outdoors???? Yikes, Punk, just how much do you usually do?!? Your outdoor decs this year are wonderful . . . and plentiful (LOL!). That carved Indian is amazing; I like his tie. Your swingset area is great, too. Gosh, when I was a kid I would have LOVED trick-or-treating at your house . . . TFS!!!

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Cute, cute, cute, you did a great job, do you get many trick-or-treaters? Like everyone else I adore your yard and view. I'm with DGD, love the Boo-ghost.

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I had just finished posting to this and we had a power surge and lost all of it. So I'll try again.

Karen, I'll keep you posted on Joe and the little Spooks. Thanks for your comments on the Ghost.

OA, I've always decorated DGD swing set and play house for Christmas. This year I used it for Halloween too since it's easy access to power.

Dream, thanks and glad you like Joe. The carving on him is amazing.

Jeanne, thanks for all the sweet comments. We live at the bottom of the Mission Mtns. Those are hills in the scarecrow picture and are our view in the back. I'll show you a moutain shot we see from the front in June. They are beautiful most of the year.

Lynn, thanks and if you want to come trick or treating now you're very Welcome. Our place is right next to the highway so we always try to light things up pretty well for the Holidays. We've done so much in the past and everyone has grown to expect it so we usually have most of the yard decorated. This year only the front and side.

Frou, we generally get up to 150 little gobblins at our home. They have started doing Halloween parties at some of the Club Houses so it has cut back to 100 a couple years. DH grew up here and I came as a 1st grader so we're not stragers and most parents come in with their children just to say "Hi".

your sweet comments on this post.


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What a wonderful yard you have The view is fantastic!!
Those decorations aren't too shabby either. Seriously They are terrific. I really envy the number of trick or treaters you get. I'm lucky if I get 1 or 2 any more. All of the kids have grown up, or go to the church party across the road from my house.

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WOW! Those mountains are GORGEOUS! And that view from the front...all those blooming Lupines! WOW ...you've found your heaven on earth! TFS, punk!
Jeanne S.

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Punk...and here I thought you were in the woods, surrounded by Tall Pine trees. Now I see those gorgeous views that surround you..What inspiring beauty to wake up to each day!
I love all your cute decorations, and I love what you do to DGDs play area..you're a great DGM! I love all your scarecrows and your happy ghost...but I must say, Joe
takes the 'Prize'! He would scare the B>G's out of me. He's so darn real looking. I agree, that he might do some scaring...just sitting there! lol
I went to a Halloween Party once, and I was sitting next to someone who was Dressed as Darth Vader. They told me it was a friend of my DDs. Well I started talking to him, and he didn't answer...after several minutes...I asked if he was okay cause he seemed weird not answering me...well, turns out, he was 'Stuffed', and 'The Joke' was on me!
I laugh now, but it was very uncomfortable at the time.


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Punk : I'd say you've been PLENTY busy.
That's not what I call "not doing much". lol
It all looks splendid and you have a BEAUTIFUL piece of property. :)

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