Halloween Stew Table

christmascandyOctober 29, 2011

I found the Hallmark Halloween Stew animated figure this year. The toads move and sing about the witch coming back.

There is a recipe for Halloween Stew on the side of the cauldron, so that is the theme of the table.

I spread the fake spiderwebbing over the black tablecloth and then placed the decor.

I re-used the orange DT chargers, and placed them on a black tray, then added the lime green chargers from HL last yr, and the witch plates I found at the TS last yr.

The ceramic owl is one I made in ceramics in the 70's. the black candleholder it is on is from a TS as was the book last yr. The orange votive holders are also TS treasures as were the lavender spoons. The black witch bowls are TS too.

Stew anyone??


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Candy, cute, cute, cute! The Hallmark Toads are a couple of neat guys but I'll pass on the Stew!!! Your table looks like it was fun to put together.

Stacked up very well! The witch plates on top have cute expressions. I didn't remember what you used last year but I like 'em. I like the black dish green witch beside her too. That's almost a tongue twister.

The spider web look over the tc is neat. Nice job sending the little spider up to visit the owl on the candle holder. Looks like the witch on the book could be afraid of that little spider!To cute. I didn't bring out any of my little spiders this year. You've kept me to busy looking at all the neat decor.LOL

Fun looking at your Halloween Stew table.


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Candy, You are so creative! This table is adorable.
Your owl is cute and the plates are a riot of fun!
The lime green chargers are just the right touch.
I think the stew would give me heartburn tho.LOL

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Marlene Kindred

You have the cutest plates, etc. Love your owl and all of your other accessories. I saw those frogs at Hallmark too...very cute! TFS~

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Love those cute witch plates--and I'm sure I loved them last year too, but don't really remember! LOL It's neat how you stack your plates, I love seeing all the colors. Isn't it fun to still have something you made "waaay back when"? I have a couple of ceramic poodles from my ceramic pouring/painting days. Very fun table--but I too will pass on the stew--Halloween stew gives me the Heebie Jeebies! LOL


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I have searched all of the stores and they are all sold out of Junebug Jelly!! Guess I will have to wait until next year to make the stew lol! A fantastically fun table! Always love seeing your terrific finds!

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Candy...another cute & creative table and SO colorful!
Your dishes are adorable and I like the spiderwebbing over your tc...nice effect.
Boy you can 'churn' these tables out with ease and each one is better than the last!


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TOADally CUTE!! Love your center-piece decor, and those witch plates are a hoot. Those are some really happy witches, methinks they've been into their "special brew"!

I agree with Jane about how you churn out these tables! I am just awed by that. Trying to think of ONE lil place-setting, on one little table, once in awhile, totally defeats me. LOL.
I must've been standing behind you when they handed out the creative table genes and none was left for me.

hugs, Karen

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Punk, It was a fun table. I found 2 of the plates at Habitat TS last yr and then 2 more at ARC, but they were a lot more money than the ones at Habitat. When I told the ARC cashier that, she gave them to me at half price!! One of the black dish green witch bowls was last yr and the other was this year.

Nana, I think maybe you are right about the stew, LOL.

Marlene, I lucked out and found the frog/cauldron figure at the Unique TS for $2.42. It even had good batteries in it so I could see that it worked!

Luvs, I actually have quite a few of the ceramic pieces from when I was painting them.

Kath, I can't believe you couldn't find any Junebug Jelly!
What a shame, LOL.

Jane, I have so much fun buying the dishes and then shopping the house to see what I can use for the rest of the table. It really has been addicting for me. But I rationalize that I don't spend that much, so it is kind of a harmless pastime.

Karen, HAHA at "TOADally"!! Very clever. I think you are selling yourself short as when you do create a table, it is always wonderful. You have so many other fabulous places to decorate, that I think it uses up all your energy to create those spaces.

You definitely got the inspiration gene as you really inspire everyone here with all of your own pictures and links to other posts. We all really appreciate all the time you spend creating the inspiration albums for us!!

Thanks everyone for all of your wonderful comments.
I really appreciate them.


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The green in this table definitely has almost 'turned me into a frog' ...but I'm not a prince to begin with...so I'll just settle for being 'green w/envy!'

CUTE! CUTER! CUTEST! That's all I can think of to say...not a bit scary...gory...but just CUTENESS!!! Love the webby t'cloth...the witch plates & creative layering of each placesetting...colors & textures...the napkins...& that cool owl & Hallmark creature! (I also still own an owl from ceramic classes but I use him in my gardens & he's still a hoot!)

The book & the recipe are probably my favs on this table...you might do add the following to your recipe: We serve it, even when it's hard to swallow. LOL!
TFS, candy! Jeanne S.

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