Does this sound right, Marble install of countertop

bullieloveJune 11, 2013


The counter top guys came out to measure when my vanity was in place, they wanted me to pull it out from the wall about 6 inches but I dont have a lot of room in my bathroom so i decided to have it set next to the wall. They came yesterday to install the marble top, they seemed to jam it into the wall on the right hand side, and told me "your wall is crooked so it wont slide in. I had my husband come look at it and he said yes the wall is crooked. So did they measure incorrectly? Shouldnt they have know the wall was crooked before they cut the top? Is there anything that I can do now? Should I have them cut a new piece to have it fit in there correctly or would that look odd? is is a 40 inch by 18 inch deep vanity.


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Debbi Branka

When the granite installers installed our kitchen countertop, they had to cut some of the drywall out in one place for the granite to fit. I assume because the wall was crooked. It didn't matter because we were tiling a backsplash so you'd never know anyway.

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