Halloween/Fall Porch Decor ...Vine Tree is Up!

jeannespinesOctober 16, 2012

Worked on the porch decor some today ...not finished yet but wanted to share some pics...here's the wood blocks from our good friend, Luvs, here on the Holiday Forum...she made them:

Here's a close-up of a witch that I bought many yrs ago from a teacher-crafter...it has hung in my kitchen for yrs but I moved it to the porch this Halloween season:

My fave ...the Vine tree this evening...some of my bulbs have burned out so I need to add a new string & I have orange bulbs sitting under it to shine thru:

Here's a close-up of a few ornies:

And this old dresser/cabinet nearby in the corner ... a rug for the top & these 'chicks' (of sorts) were $1 ea @ a church GS a few yrs back...they are pretty cool!

Thrift shop candleholders, too:

...and the same old, old lamp that my DH made in high school (not the shade tho) ...Fall is here!

Hope to finish up some Halloween decor this week! Still working outside here. TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Everything looks wonderful, as always. I have loved your vine tree for so many years, and all the ways you decorate it. And your porch for that matter.
Luv's blocks always make me smile, especially the cat one.
They are all so darn cute. And those colorful, sweet lil' chickens are just right for Fall.

hugs, Karen

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It all looks fantastic, Jeanne! I love the little string of pumpkins held by the witch. lol! LOVE your vine tree too, of course! Just noticed your "candy corn" lights! WOW! And that's a GREAT idea to tuck the lights inside the tree! I wanted to mention that I read on-line that you can paint regular green-corded strands to any color you want (e.g., brown). They didn't say what kind of paint to use. Any thoughts?

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party ... no ideas on the painting ... on electrical stuff..I don't have a clue. I have 2 acorns ornies ...b'day gift from a friend a few yrs ago ...they are that glass stuff like Christmas ones...the light is shining from behind it.

Thanks Karen & party...good to be back decor. a bit. Jeanne S.

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The glass acorn ornaments are darling! That's what I thought they were at first, but the apparent light source convinced me otherwise. lol! I'll bet they were made in Germany... maybe Austria. It looks like it was dipped in chocolate. yum. :)

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Such cute blocks that Luvs made for you!!
Guess what! I have your witch's twin:

Mine is flying above the sofa in the living room. Once again, an example of great minds thinking alike!!

Your vine tree looks fabulous as always!! Those candy corn lights are too cute!!
It is so cool that you have a lamp from when DH was in high school. That is a treasure and an heirloom for sure!

I can't get my tree lights to show up in photographs. How do you do that? The orange ones underneath are very clever.

The acorn trinket box is darling. All your decor is gorgeous and so well placed for impact.


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Ohhh, your witch is very cute, candy... blonde hair! My witch has flown by the fridge wall many yrs but flew to the porch this season!

candy...I didn't use 'flash' in these pics ... a 'twilight' low-light setting but the overhead ceiling fan light was on ...so the little tree lights show up.

Thanks, Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Your porch is always so inviting Jeanne! Love your decorations and your vine tree is always so pretty. Your Halloween blocks from Luvs are adorable and so is your witch. TFS~

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Jeanne, always enjoy all your decorating. Love it that you and Candy have the same cute Witch. Luvs hasn't showed us any new blocks so lucky you to have a set from her.

Your vine tree really sets the stage for decor at your home. I seen my vine mailbox the other day when I was out in the shed. Don't know why I don't seem to enjoy it like I should. Will try to bring it in this year to enjoy for a change.

Love it that you have DH's lamp he made in school too. Are those chicks wood or paper? They are pretty. The candle holders look great with this vignette.


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