Halloween is "Busting" out

christmascandyOctober 19, 2012

Several years ago I saw a decorated bust by Judith on the RMS site. I have looked for one ever since and found her last Monday at Unique TS.

Here she is in her Halloween finery:

The Poe vignette is created from a YS book, TS frame, candleholders, and raven, and a Poe portrait printed off of the internet and a Nevermore scrolled paper I printed on the computer.

The top of the hutch has mostly TS finds except the crockery floral holder and the silk arrangement in it that I made many yrs ago.

The hutch has some of my Halloween plates and decor, all of them are TS.

The top of the fridge with the 2 larger Jacks from the Hom. Gds. after Halloween clearance last year, the smaller one is TS as is the ghost cupcake, and the mini pumpkins in the apothecary jar. Also TS are the floral wreath, and the wire floral pumpkin.

Happy Halloween,


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Marlene Kindred

You are indeed busting out! Love the ladies bust all decked out for Halloween! And your hutch looks fantastic...so many things to look at and admire. I especially like the Halloween plates and mini pumpkin mugs. Really love the mini pumpkins in the apothecary jar too...I've looked for those this year, but haven't found any yet. TFS~

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Candy, so happy you found your Bust!LOL It looks great all decked out for Halloween. I remember Judith's bust on one of her ts and it was NICE! Wonderful job on your Poe vignette.

I'm lovin' your china cabinet all decorated for fall and Halloween. You really put alot of time in on this and I for one Thank You. Oh and I love your Jack's and ghost on top of the fridge. It's all just so pretty.


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"June is busting out all over ... all over the meadow & the dale..." Ohhh...I'm singing that song now! I love, love, love the bust! Your perserverance pd off! I know you will have her decorated all yr round...lovely!

The Poe vignette ...so Halloweeny ... simple & a bit on the dark side ...like Poe himself.

Your china hutch is wonderful w/all your TS finds ...you are a pro @that! & the decorated top of your hutch is pretty/Fallish...but I think the top of your fridge is a bit 'scary' ...fits the season...but those pumpkin people...IDK, candy...pretty spooky! ;-) You're ready for the season! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Marlene, thank you so much. I was so excited to see that bust in the TS as I think she has a really sweet face and is just perfect for what I wanted! I have been looking for one for quite a while but they are rare creatures in thrift stores!
The mini pumpkin mugs were acquired one by one but I finally have a set of them. Both sets of plates in the hutch were still in their original boxes!
Good luck on finding your mini pumpkins.

Punk, thank you too! I pretty much have the entire lower level of the house Halloweened (is that a word? LOL) out!
Except for DH's office, I only get to decorate that for Christmas and then it is minimal.
This is my first time decorating the top of the hutch as I am running out of places to put things, so moved higher LOL!!

Jeanne, I bought the Poe book last spring at a YS in Sedona and wasn't even thinking Halloween, it was just a beautifully bound book. BUT....when I started to get out the Halloween decor - light bulb moment!! I had found the large black raven at a TS this year and the frame was from last year, so it all started coming together. The fact that I had that black cabinet, (GdWl several years ago) seemed like the perfect place to display it! Especially as you observed, Poe was dark and most of his work was as well!

The top of the hutch will stay after Halloween. All I have to do is exchange the Trick or Treat bucket for a different holder, and remove the little Jack O'Lantern.

The Jacks on the fridge top seem very vintage feeling to me and they are all smiling, : ) Maybe it was the Boo on the ghost cupcake that frightened you! LOL

Thanks again ladies for all your encouraging comments. This is definitely my favorite playground because of all the wonderful people here.

Happy Halloween,

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You have some neat Halloween plates Candy, your cabinet looks great. Nice to be able to just switch out a couple of items and still have it decorated after Halloween. I really like your Poe vignette, great find on that book! Luvs

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I could have sworn I posted yesterday, but apparently only in my imagination. How neat you found a Bust to decorate.
When Judith use to post here, we'd see her lovely lady often in vignettes. She was especially pretty at Christmas. I also wanted to find one. Hunted and hunted but no luck, at least not at decent prices. Then a year ago I found one in Home Goods ($10) and decided she was coming home with me! She's on my desk in my study, just have pearls on her and haven't used her in decor...yet.
Funny how we never know we 'need' something, till we see it on here. ;o)

I LOVE, LOVE the top of your hutch! That is really striking!
Of course if I had it, Jazz-Trouble would be up there too!
LOL. The inside is also decorated so neat. (I'm kind of feeling like Jeanne about the Jacks on the fridge. Those things always freak me out for some reason. Too many horror movies as a child?)

I am so in awe of your "Halloweened" House. WOW.
hugs, Karen

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Love it all but especially your hutch, lots of hard work went into making it stunning!

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