Fall #3

slinkeyOctober 8, 2010

I'm trying to get these all posted, so

I can (hopefully) move on to some Hallloween decorating this weekend...

You guys have really moved along quickly this year..

It's hard trying to keep up with you!

Some Outside Pics..

You probably remember my old wagon.

I find myself having a hard time putting it away (I love it so much) and have just been changing it with the seasons..

I made this wreath a couple of yrs ago...but this yr I freshened it up and added more leaves and fruit and some fresh grasses to it...

This seems to be the 'Year Of The Lantern' ! I bought this in June at a Consignment shop for $4. It was an ugly brown, and I just sprayed it a nice Lantern Black.

I added some gourds to the inside and one of those Battery Operated Candle Lights that flicker. (give a nice glow at night).

Moving to the Front Hall Entryway...

I put my Pheasant here this yr instead of 'Up High' on the Mantel. Last yr my youngest DGSon was afraid of him...

This yr he's 6, and we put him out on the buffet together!

Ahhh they grow up so quickly..

I kept the arrangement very simple -

I bought the footed stand through DD when she was doing Southern Living Parties. Pricy...but then again it was to help DD with her sales.... :) The glass cloche was one of two I bought from CTS.

It's funny when I took him out of the bin, Nicky just said -

'Hey, I remember that guy' ! I asked him to help put him on top of the buffet 'He said Okay' ...and that was that!..Quite different from last year when he was afraid he was going to jump down and get him...lol

I've got a few more pics to show which I'll put in another post so not to overload on here...

Thanks for looking.


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Jane, all your decorations are so pretty. I love your old wagon. You should keep it out and decorated for everyone to enjoy. The basket with pinecones and pumpkins and the cornstalks really add to it. Pretty view from the steps looking in.

That's a neat looking lamp you found and repainted. Did you add the fall touch inside or did you buy it ready for fall?

I don't remember your wreath from last year. It looks nice, full and beautiful this year. The fruit and leaves are so colorful and a good choice.

So happy to hear DGS helped decorate the buffet this year and likes your pheasant now. Your buffet is simply elegant. You are so good at decorating. I've enjoyed seeing all you've shown so far and will be waiting for more.


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Jane, I remember last year and the Pheasant having to hide.
LOL. I think he's beautiful, so I'm glad he is on the buffet this year. The whole arrangement is wonderful.

As for your wagon, I'd never put it away either! It just begs to be decorated for any holiday or season.

"Year of the Lantern"..is that why I can't find one now?
They're all sold out? I stopped in Ross today, was sure they'd have some. Nope. And in fact, almost every bit of their Halloween and Fall decor was gone!! One tiny, picked over, display area. :o(

hugs, Karen

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Beautiful decorations, Jane! I love the pheasant!

I'm curious about the pretty wreath you made... is the fruit on picks, or how did you attach everything? I've got a lot of loose fake fruit and am thinking about attaching it to a wreath, but wasn't sure I wanted to use the glue-gun and lose the option of changing it all out later... Is there a trick to wiring loose fruit to a wreath?

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I love the wagon with the lantern, the whole setting is very welcoming. Has your front door always been that color, how perfect for fall decorating. The mirror in your entry way is spectacular and the pheasant is a really nice accent.

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What a treat to see more of your pretty fall decorating this morning. Your porch looks so inviting with all the pumpkins and that neat old wagon. How funny that Nicky remembered your pheasant, but not that he had been afraid of him last year! Maybe he just looks less meanacing when not looking down at you. LOL I love all the pretty leaf and berry arrangements that you use. They are all really pretty and I love how your wreath looks on your pretty door. I'm off to see your next post. Your home is looking very lovely. Luvs

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jane...perfect spot & Fall decor for that old wagon...love it! And I like the bushel of pinecones...thanks for that idea! You're way ahead of me, girl..I'm not part of that "You guys have really moved along quickly this year." LOL!

Your front hall entrywall side table & mirror is gorgeous! That pewter (or silver?) pitcher is lovely with the Fall arrangement...& the pheasant looks at home there. Beautiful accessories..thank goodness for DD's party & your footed stand...love how you added to it with the cloche & pumpkin bowl. Ok, lovin' everything. TFS your pics. Jeanne S.

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What everybody else said!!


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I don't remember the wagon, but I want it!
Don't put it away.
I can just see it full of presents and one of Santa's elves pulling it down the walkway.

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You've got fabulous decorations as always. I love the transformation of the lantern, with just a little spray paint. It's amazing what a little tlc will do! Your wreath is so beautiful--so much prettier than your average fruit wreath. The grasses and the little bunches of berries really notch it up.

But my favorite is the wagon. I would love DH to make something like that for me. I really have to push and prod him to make something that looks old. He just doesn't get "I WANT the nails to rust!" and "I WANT the wood to warp!" Is your DH the same way?

- Magpie

p.s. Make sure you take care of yourself--I hope you'll soon be well and energetic!

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Jane...how do you turn on that battery light candle? Cause last yr I found a faux chunky candle that has the option on the bottom ...it has a 4-hr daily timer ...you can't change it to shorter or longer hrs...but I sure like that one...cause I was always messing up the decor around the candle in my display! Anyway, your lantern is a great find & re-do!

Purplemoon...I bought a lantern at Kohl's just awhile back (in the candle section) for DD's b'day...like displayed in OA's b'day t'scape for her DH...you might luck out there. Jeanne S.

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Just love your entryway everytime you show it decorated for a holiday. The wagon is a keeper, that is "keep it out there". Your fall decor is very rich & classy looking.

Karen, I passed up a lantern yesterday at a garage sale, looked at it, picked it up & thought where will I store it, so back it went!

It's so frustrating when you're looking for a certain item & no one seems to have it! GRRRRR

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I had just completed a responce to this post, and when I hit submit...I went out into 'no man's land'!
Oh well... please forgive me for doing another here, but a
much 'shorter version' ..

Thanks everyone - I enjoyed reading all your very nice compliments. For those who asked...I went again today to the DR (follow up) from Wed tests..and all checked out okay.
It's amazing what one week later, and antibiotics will do!

Punk..the lantern was ugly brn and empty. I repainted it and added the decos. I used a different wreath last yr..I took this old one out and 'refurbished it' for this yr.

Karen..Glad you liked 'Mr Pheasant' on Buffet this yr!
Hang in ther, I'm sure you'll find a lantern..there's one
w/your name on it... I swear! Actually right before I got sick, I was in Michael's and saw some...did you check there?

PM - Underneith is one of my Grapevine Wreaths ...I removed some of the old stuff and just added new.
I just went for it, and Hot Glued the fruit and stuff on..

Frou..When we built the house, we picked out the color for this color for the door.

Luvs..Such nice compliments..I
thought it was funny that Nicky didn't remember being afraid...I didn't even mention it to him..didn't want to 'trigger bad memories' ! lol

Jeanne...that's a Pewter pitcher..I love the look too.
You're right up there with your decos..and you know how I love all you did too.
The candle has a sliding switch on the side of the candle...I positioned it right where the door of the lantern opens so it doesn't mess things up.

OA - I did put presents in it last Christmas..now if only I can find that 'Elf' to pull it!! too funny.

Magpie..actually DH is into 'Worn/Torn' look. He's into 'aging' what he builds. He's built many model ships and you'd swear someone actually worked and lived on them. He's very detail oriented..TOO MUCH so, that I become impatient! So I guess our DH's could balance ea other! lol

yachter...what nice compliments..seems like the 'vote' on that wagon IS to keep it there yr round...so I guess that's
a good indication that it should Stay!


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Oh it all looks beautiful! I don't know how you do it, not feeling well and all you have going on! The wagon is so adorable!
I got one lantern at PB outlet, and then found 3 for the price of that one at CTS. I think I have them almost 3 yrs now! I forget.
You did a great job, and I have very little out! Contemplating painting and don't want to have to de decorate, so I will enjoy yours!

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