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Micha55May 29, 2012

About 6 months ago, we finally moved in to our renovated home. I had read a million reviews on this forum and others, talked to countless people, and eventually selected mostly Miele appliances in the kitchen (except for the microwave). I absolutely love the dishwasher (everything is spotless without pre-rinsing), the oven (the roasted veggies are amazing), and the fridge (the romaine keeps forever), and I'm looking forward to using the Steam-Convection or Combi Oven, once it becomes available.

My one big disappointment, though, has been the Induction cooktop. I was initially quite set on finally having a gas cooktop, but my husband and the ease-of-cleaning factor convinced me to go with an induction cooktop. The magnetic induction itself works very well (albeit with some buzzing and clicking, of which I was forewarned), and it is fast and instant. The controls, however, are another matter. They are driving me batty!!

I am 5'1" and small, so my fingers are not large, and I can only use my large middle finger at a certain angle on the controls or they are maddeningly unresponsive. I have had numerous instances when either the whole unit or a single burner has spontaneously shut down when something like a lump of paprika or a squirt of garlic from the garlic press, etc., fell on the controls. It has also shut down when my sleeve brushed the controls, which happens a lot because I'm short and I wear long sleeves at least 9 months of the year (these Canadian winters do drag on) and I tend to use the large central burner for sauteing or whatnot pretty much every time I cook. What is even more aggravating, though, is that, on a few occasions, the unit has also spontaneously shut down when I have had a number of pots (4 of the 5 burners) on for a while, which the service technician attributes to probable overheating of the electronics, despite the fact that the unit is installed according the manufacturers' specifications. All of which has led me to the conclusion that this cooktop is best suited to cooks who don't cook much!!

The annoyance with the unit spontaneously shutting down lies in the fact that not only do I need to fiddle with those unresponsive controls for some time before I have things back to just the right simmer for each pot (because I often don't remember to exactly what number each burner had been set), but if I'm busy with food prep on the side, then several minutes can elapse before I notice that the unit is off and nothing is cooking -- which is extremely vexing. I am someone who's always enjoyed cooking, but this cooktop is changing that! And I am now seriously regretting not getting a gas cooktop, despite the ease of cleaning issues.

Anyways, I know this review goes against the grain of most of the opinions out there, but I thought I'd share my experience and present another point of view.

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Sorry to hear your troubles.

Here's what you do about pressing the pad. Gently put your finger on the pad and slowly add pressure. I, too had probs at the beginning and thought I needed hard pressure to work-well, I was wrong. I was making it too hard. Just gently touch and see. apply more pressure as needed.

Yes, mine too would shut off without my knowledge. Actually, I had been futzing, trying to insure that everything was on, and each on the correct temp. In my futzing, I'd inadvertently shut off hobs.

Be patient, there is a learning curve, not a long one, a baby curve. Patience and a cool head and fingers.

Give yourself another 20 minutes with the manual. Read it slowly.

Also don't waste time trying to get back to the old setting. Think first. What setting should it be on since it may be cooked 20%. Think, think Maybe the same or up or down. Pretend you are the cooking teacher advising a new student.

I recall my learning probs, shutoffs, panics, when I did not read the lights correctly. Esp, when I was working on two or three hobs Wrong temp, on and off, oh my

It's very forgiving. Its very easy. flexible ppl and persistent people will have quicker luck often

Instruction in the form of manuals, or tech helf is needed

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Thanks for your comment, westsider40, and my apologies for not following up sooner.

Yes, I have gone through the manual -- first thing I do with new electronics. I even went so far as to turn the breaker off to the unit as per the service tech's suggestion, in order for the unit to reset itself to the light conditions. All to no avail. The electronic controls on this Miele induction cooktop continue to be the bane of my cooking.

Just yesterday, while I was making dinner, a grain of rice fell on the "-" of the ON/OFF control and turned the whole unit off. Then a bit later when I stirred the stir-fry, a very small piece of shredded cabbage fell onto the "+" control for the burner on which I was cooking the rice, and turned that burner to high. It's constant!! This happens on an ongoing basis while I cook. I do a lot of stovetop cooking, sauteeing, stir-frying, etc., and I am constantly frustrated by these controls which are both way too sensitive to every little bit of debris which falls their way, and then also annoyingly unresponsive to my touch (large middle finger at a slight angle is best, and still this won't operate the controls half the time).

Is anyone else having these kinds of problems?? Miele have come out to have a look, but are saying that this is how it is!!

Just a heads-up to anyone else considering this unit... If you plan on using your cooktop a lot, or even just on a regular basis, be forewarned that you may find the controls extremely frustrating. As I said before, I really regret not getting a gas cooktop with good old fashioned knob controls -- and I am someone who is very comfortable with electronics.

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Micha - we have a Thermador induction cooktop and have never experienced the problems you list. Is there a way to see if this is standard with Miele cooktops? You may have a defective unit.

I would be very upset if the cooktop shut down without warning.


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I have this sort of thing happening on my KA cooktop, where I realize the setting has changed inadvertently or turned off entirely, but it's not nearly as sensitive as yours. Mine responds to me setting things like tongs or baking sheets on the controls (not its fault) or leaning on the controls (not its fault) or spilling quite a bit of water over the controls (not its fault). A grain of rice or piece of food changing the controls is ridiculous. And mine never spontaneously shuts off, it's always because I put something on the power button. My favorite trick is when I put a pot on a hob, then try to turn on the hob, but it tells me there's no pot, and I try a few times before I realize I'mm trying to engage the wrong hob. Again, not its fault. It is a learning curve, where I have to learn to be more careful, but nothing like what you have. How terribly frustrating and annoying for you. And that cooktop was not exactly cheap, right? Have you emailed Miele HQ? I find that emails directly to the CEO (or as close as you can get) always get the most attention.

If Miele HQ tells you that "this is how it is," then you would be doing others a service to post reviews on Amazon, AJ Madison, and other consumer sites. My KA makes a lot of clicking and buzzing, and I posted my dissatisfaction about that on a bunch of sites. It's not revenge, it's just fair warning to others.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your encouregement, jadeite and Ginny20. I will pick up my courage and get back in contact with Miele to see if we can come to some resolution.

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I encounters this in the beginning...the control,panel also needs to be kept clean...spills or grease spatters can sometimes cause these problems...as stated before...the is a,learning curve with the touch of the controls...I would NOT trade this cooktop...love it!

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I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with your new cooktop. I had a learning curve with the controls myself--getting the perfect touch to make the controls respond quickly, not accidentally changing settings or turning it off by resting my hand where it shouldn't be, but once I got it, it became habit and now it's not a problem. I've never had a small piece of food turn it off--like rice--that's nuts. I have also never, ever had the unit spontaneously shut down on me when I had it fully loaded.

I love mine, but I sure wouldn't if I had to fight with it. If, after 6 months, you're still frustrated, it's time to get firm with Miele. Perhaps one of the sensors is too sensitive--even Miele can screw up on the rare occastion. :-p Good luck to you, and please do report back and let us know how it's going.


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Stale thread I know, but just for the record... Early on I ran into similar problems here and Miele Service was able to help is out. Trick was to recalibrate the sensors. You kill the breaker and make sure there are no direct sources of light on the cooktop so it can get a "baseline" reading as you flip the breaker to turn it on again. The controls are infrared and can behave very strangely if the cooktop powered up for the first time (and calibrated) under weird lighting conditions b

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Thank-you for your post, trepex. I have in fact done that re-calibration -- twice. There was a minor improvement in that most of the controls were a bit more responsive, but the spontaneous shut-offs continue.

I use the large central burner (it's the 36" 5-burner model) daily, and continue to be completely frustrated with the fact that simply a brush of my sleeve will shut the whole unit off. We don't eat any prepared or processed foods, so I cook a lot, and yes, vegetable bits spill out of the pan often, also causing the controls to spontaneously turn up, or down or off, sometimes several times during one meal prep. It drives me nuts!! As I've mentioned before, the induction itself works beautifully. But Miele really dropped the ball with the technology used to operate the controls on these cooktops -- those photo sensitive diodes really do not work well in this application. So, I think anyone considering buying a Miele induction cooktop should be aware of this problem, and really take into consideration how much cooking they do. I know I wish I would have stuck with my initial plan of going with gas. And I'm not saying any of this to dis Miele -- I absolutely love my Miele fridge (it's so quiet and food keeps forever), convection oven (amazing roasted vegetables...) and dishwasher (I never pre-rinse, just scrape, and my dishes have never been this clean). The induction cooktop, however, is not working for me.

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I'm curious--what does Miele have to say about this? You say that the control problem is partially solved, but that the spontaneous shutoffs continue? What do they think is causing this and why haven't they addressed that issue, along with whatever lingering control problems persist? I'd urge you not to let them off the hook on this. There are a number of us with these cooktops on this board and I fully expect that if our experiences were like yours, this cooktop would not enjoy a very good reputation! Clearly something isn't right with it. If I drop a towel over the controls, or rest my hand on them, they will shut off, but not if I simply brush my sleeve across them briefly. Something has to sit there for a few seconds before it shuts off. I don't mean to sound harsh, but these cooktops aren't inexpensive, and you have every right to have high expectations for it's performance and the customer service associated with the company. No way should you have to fight with an appliance! I'd be interested to hear how Miele is responding to your complaints.

Best of luck to you,

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Just to set the record straight but I don't have a Miele, I have a Bosch. I was offering my insights and experience with being a new induction user in general, not specifically a Miele owner.

I need clarification, Micha. Your cooktop shuts off spontaneously with no touching at all, or shuts off by minor acts which you think should not affect the cooker?

A big blob of rice would not affect any cooker with knobs.

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This is very odd, and does not sound right! I have and LOVE my Miele 36" 5 burner Induction cooktop. I use it 1-3 times a day, and have NEVER had one issue like you are experiencing. I wipe spills off while cooking, including over the controls). I have left a towel accidently touching the glass surface while cooking, and all that happens is the cooktop warns me with frantic beeping. I think you need to call Miele and schedule service!!

I always thought my favourite Miele appliances were my La Perla dishwasher or my Miele SpeedOven..but I think I could not live without my Miele Induction Cooktop! I will Never, Never, Never, Never own or cook on gas or a regular electric cooktop or range ever again!!! :))

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I too just started using our newly installed Miele Induction oven - and I hate it too! Miele ovens-great....Miele fridge and freezer - great....but Miele induction cook top - SUCKS!

For all the same reasons as mentioned above. I am going to call Miele and see if they can come have a look but I'm not terribly optimistic.

Thank you for sharing because I thought it was only happening to me!

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Once you get used to it , with a light touch, it works flawlessly. I have had mine over a year..,the first few months were frustrating, now, no problem!

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My wife was having a bit of problems at the beginning. You have to put your finger flat on the glass. Pressing does not help since the sensors are infra red, but for some reason we are so use to pressing on this type of display we can't avoid doing it. Now she finds the controls very easy to use.

Once you get use to it, the controls are very fast unless of course there is something wrong with your particular unit. You can reprogram the sensors to be even faster if you want. Setting P6. S0 is slow, S1 normal (300 ms) and S2 is fast. Default setting is S1.

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What model Miele do you have? I'm shopping for an induction cook top and considering Miele. I've seen a few comments like yours and am concerned. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could tell me the model number.

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It is model KM 5993. We continue to have the same issues with food bits, or a sleeve hovering over the controls, turning burners off or on spontaneously, or even turning the whole cooktop off. It is chronic and a constant annoyance. However, water boils virtually instantly, and clean-up is a breeze, so the induction itself works very well. I would have loved gas, but my husband was not fond of cleaning those, nor of the combustion by-products and heat produced. If I were to get a do-over, I would look for an induction unit with another type of controls, not these photosensitive diodes used in this model. That's the problem, you see. It's actually light, or rather lack thereof, which operates the controls, so anything falling on, or passing over them which blocks the light reaching the diode, the same way your finger would, will activate them.

Good luck with your purchase.

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To DannaFromCalgary,
I too am from Canada! Any luck with service in your area?

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KM-5993 here as well and no issues whatsoever. I just don't seem to have any problems with the infrared controls. And everything else about the unit is just spectacular. We had a 5773 in our last house and similarly loved it.

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I've had a Kenmore/Electrolux induction w/ touch controls for about six years. When it's working well the touch controls are ok, operable provided my hands or the control surface aren't too greasy or wet. However, three times it has started getting buggy as controls become less responsive with intermittent faults, such as spontaneously turning off.

Separately, my current cooktop will turn itself off to prevent overheating. This is a safety feature to keep me from melting pots on the appliance or frying the appliance components. Apparently both of these are real risks. The enamel on a Le Creuset could melt & fuse to the cooktop or the aluminum alloy in a sandwich pot could melt if it got too hot. Temperature sensors situated on the hobs detect the temperature and disable the entire unit if a threshold is exceeded. For me this isn't a problem if I'm boiling. A boiling pot doesn't really get much above 212F, the temperature of the water in it. But if I use a grill pan I almost always end up getting so much heat conveyed from the pan onto the cooktop that it will shut off after a time. To defeat this I can move the grill pan from hob to hob to give each time to cool down, but this won't work if all hobs are occupied.

For the problems you mentioned above, I'd pay attention to the kinds of cooking your doing that cause the entire unit to shut off (separately from the control issue related to your sleeve or a blob of rice on the off button). If it's just a five pot boil it might warrant a service call. If your using a grill pan or trying for a high heat sear that might mean your pans are getting too hot for the threshold heat. Your manual might tell you what the threshold is supposed to be.

I am not a service technician, but I'm going to suggest that a service call might be warranted. It could be your controls are defective since the resets aren't working. It could also be that your high temperature shut off threshold is out of adjustment.

For other thoughts on this see similar thread "Feedback on Induction Cooktops w/ Knobs."

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I switched from gas to induction. There was a learning curve with my Miele because of the infared controls (no need to apply pressure, just place your finger over the control). I, too, love my induction cooktop and hope to never return to any other type of cooktop.

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