american standard vs kohler white

lcwpJune 12, 2013

I searched the different threads and couldn't find a definitive answer for this question...

What Kohler color is going to be CLOSEST to matching AS white?

Background: We just purchased an American Standard toilet in white. We want to get a matching bidet and like several models by Kohler. BUT, I noticed at Lowe's when we bought the toilet that the two "whites" (AS and Kohler) aren't the same: the AS white is a little less "white" than Kohler's white.

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I think if you line up 25 white American Standard toilets in white, then sneak in a Kohler in the middle, the difference in whites might jump out at you.

Once you get all of your bathroom elements in place, however, I don't think you will notice that the two whites don't match perfectly. I have so many different whites going on in different bathrooms, with different manufacturers on just about everything. They all read "white."

Choose the fixtures that suit your needs best and I'll bet you won't notice those whites.

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I purchased a white Kohler tub and a white American Standard toilet for my bathroom remodel.

It didn't even dawn on me at the time that there could be 'different' whites until I put the toilet next to the tub.

The more I stared at them, the more I noticed the difference in color, so I took the toilet back and purchased a Kohler.

If you didn't already install the toilet, I would take it back, or if you already installed it, maybe you have another bathroom in the house that has an older toilet and you can put the AS one in that other bathroom?

I know if I installed those two "different whites" in my bathroom, it would bother me every time I walked in.

I also don't know if Kohler has multiple shades of white. I just looked at their website and clicked on a few different toilets and I only see one "white" choice.

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I stand corrected. Apparently, a noticeable difference when they are right next to each other. Here is a good thread on this subject. (Maybe you have seen it.)

Perhaps you could find a Toto bidet in Colonial White to get the whites closer if Toto Cotton White= American Standard white and Toto Colonial White=Kohler white. Smart of Toto to make both....

Here is a link that might be useful: different whites

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