Paul Harvey Dies

TxKenMarch 1, 2009

Just seeing that headline...."Paul Harvey Dies"...made my heart stand still.

I started listening to Paul Harvey back in the late sixties...and found his broadcasts daily on the radio dial over the years in whatever city I happened to be in without fail.

Many, many lunch hours were filled with his broadcasts...and many periods in my life...happy and sad and all in between...had Paul Harvey talking quietly in the background.

I admired his speaking ablility...his writing ability...his outlook on life...and his ability to cut to the quick and be honest.

It is odd to be affected this feel the loss of a friend you never 'knew'...but I suppose there are many people who feel the same way upon his passing.

Good bye, Paul...and may God Bless you and keep you.

Thank you.

You will be...and are....missed.


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I always enjoyed his "rest of the story", I rarely came up with the right answer until he was almost done.

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I too like the "rest of the story". It always made me think about what he was talking about.

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I've said this before but I bet he's thinking "Wish I could go back and tell the rest of this story"!!

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