Look at the goodie I found today...

dreamgoddessOctober 15, 2011

at the thrift store. I've been wanting a birdcage to decorate for quite a while now and I snatched it up very quickly when I saw it. I've got to clean it tomorrow cause it's dusty and a little dirty. I can't wait to get it decorated! I think it's going on top of my fridge when I get it done.

Here's a view from the top. I love how the wires curve and the finial on top of it.

I also have a small preview of my Halloween decorating. I'm almost finished decorating, just have a few more things to do. I wanted a set of Halloween burner covers to go on my stove, but they're almost impossible to find for Halloween. So, I decided to make my own.

I was really pleased with how they turned out and now I'm a happy little witch!

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Wonderful find on the cage! I can't wait to see it decorated. And those burner covers! Wow, you made them huh? I don't think you could have bought cuter ones, so am glad you never found any. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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loving the bird cage and you did a great job on the stove covers - you are quite talented there :) .....


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Dream, The bird cage was great find, the possibilities for decorating it are endless.
You did a wonderful on the burner covers.

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Very cool birdcage...lookin' forward to seeing your holiday pics for the season! Such fun, isn't it! Jeanne S.

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You found a really cute birdcage--you know what they way about "good things come to those who wait". ;o) Great job on your burner covers--hand painted or decals? Really cute designs. Luvs

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DG, lovin the birdcage! Isn't it great when we find a treasure at the TS and it is something for which we've been searching??

Great job on the burner covers! Are they window clings??
Too cute!

So glad you found a goodie to share and such a cute one too! Have fun decorating it and please show us when you get it done.


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I am so jealous over the bird cage! For Christmas you ought to put a pretty Redbird in it with Holly and snow. IF the cage is still there because I may have to come take it. :)

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Dream, your new birdcage is wonderful. So glad you found it while shopping. With your decorating talent, it will be fun to see how you decorate it for the holidays. I hope to get one of mine finished this evening.

Fanastic job creating the Halloween burner covers for your stove. Use chose some pretty cute designs. Love the Bling on them.


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That's a great cage. SO many uses! Hansel and Gretel for Halloween! :)

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I love your new birdcage..can't wait to see it decorated.
I know you'll do something special.
Great stove burners...so festive for the kitchen.
Very clever that you made them.

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Excellent bird cage! I'm sure you could find a good bird at Joann Fabrics or Michaels. I'm headed out there today to pick up a blackbird for my porch.

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I have that same cage in my patio.

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