Counter Depth Interior water/ice Refrigerator

CAGiselleMay 24, 2013

I know that there are several posts on CD Fridges, but I'm unable to find the answer to my problem so I apologize for a kind of repeat.
All I want is a Counter Depth Refrigerator with interior filtered ice and water. My contractor suggested a KA. Picked one out and then came home and read all the negative reviews. Now after week I still have'nt been able to find what I want that has good reviews. Samsung and LG appear to have the best but one has the outside ice/water and the other no filter. Can anyone help before all my money goes to a divorce attorney?

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My concern with KA is that having one of their appliances for a few years that promptly broke down, I found out that it contained the same cheap whirlpool parts used in their lowest end products. Today's KA has nothing to do with the once high quality appliances built by Hobart. It's whirlpool now.

Counter depth refrigerators are expensive. The ones large enough to be useful have to be built in (lest they tip over) and given the expense, then I'd go with either Sub Zero or Miele. Otherwise, I'd go with a regular depth fridge and design around it.

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Do you really need inside water? I just got a CD Electrolux with interior ice only and love it (although I got it for considerably less than the current price because of rebate/special offer)!

Here is a link that might be useful: fridge

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TY Bernice for info. will not go with KA.

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I love my Kitchen Aid counter depth SS French Door fridge with ice and water inside. I didn't want the exterior ice/water this time around just because they seem always to break and it takes up too much room inside. I've been very happy with how it works. I did recently have one thing happen. It seems I somehow blocked a vent and it caused the freezer to be covered in ice but as soon as we unblocked it it was fine. No service call.

I really like the layout inside especially the long drawer for trays. I have used it so many times for large cookie trays and appetizer trays for parties.

All refrigerators will have some negative and so many of them are all made by the same company anyway under different names. It's hard to know what you are really getting. I think I would like one large door on top instead of the two slim doors but other than that I am happy with it. That's just the French Door aspect of it and nothing to do with how it is mechanically : ) the reason is because for some reason I seem to pile everything on the right side in the refrigerator as I only open that one door most of the time. It takes some getting used to opening both doors to see what's inside.

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SaraKat, TY so much for your post. After all I've read I'm going with the KA. We are doing a complete kitchen remodel and our contractor swears by them and will replace with another brand if this one gives us any problems. He even put it in writing! We're also going with KA for the rest of the appliances. Do you happen to know anything about the ranges or dishwashers? Again ty you really helped put my mind at ease

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SaraKat, TY so much for your post. After all I've read I'm going with the KA. We are doing a complete kitchen remodel and our contractor swears by them and will replace with another brand if this one gives us any problems. He even put it in writing! We're also going with KA for the rest of the appliances. Do you happen to know anything about the ranges or dishwashers? Again ty you really helped put my mind at ease

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Ty legallin I'm going to go back to the link you provided if the KA doesn't work out.

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I have an all KA kitchen though it is 15 years old ~Superba model on all including the dishwasher and compactor and double wall oven (I never use the convection option and just go regular all the time because I couldn't tell the difference). I don't really see why anyone needs this feature (convection) after I paid so much for it since they were all the rage at the time (late '90's). I was a flight attendant then and we had convection ovens on the airplanes back when they actually still served hot meals and I remember being able to heat 30 frozen meals in 30 minutes and thought wow I have to have that in my kitchen but I don't ever use it. Thankfully you can either use that option or not. It was crazy expensive at the time since it was new. Back then it was either $1800 or $2200 I can't remember now for the whole double oven wall unit with convection.

We also have a Kitchen Aid waste disposer. None of them have given me a minute of trouble except this year I did replace the disposal when I changed countertops and sink and it seemed a prudent thing to do while we were at it.

When we built our house I had brought over my fairly new refrigerator an Amana side by side and that is the reason I had to recently replace that with the KA FD. The Amana was 18 years old and it was a great opportunity to get the new style and get rid of the very dated old style refrigerator. I kept waiting for it to die but finally just went for it last year so now everything in the kitchen is KA.

I really wish that KA was exactly as it was. Fifteen years ago it was the equivalent of having Porche level appliances in the kitchen. Back then very few people were able to get Sub Zero or any of the other Euro made appliances and Ktichen Aid ruled and I recall thinking wow I am now officially "snooty" having these high end kitchen appliances in my bad azz kitchen. I remember being really proud to have Kitchen Aid like I had really "arrived"... ha ha. It was so much fun. I am easily entertained... : /

I am just so sorry the American brands are being thrown over for the other brands and I don't blame anyone and I would do it myself if I really thought it would be worth it. I am saddened that everything is made overseas now. It sort of makes me freak out a little everyday when everything I pick up has a made in China tag on it. Even if they are assembled here the parts are made in China.

I really love my Kitchen Aid dishwasher. It's a beast, it will clean anything and barely ever need to use anything more than the short cycle or normal. Once in awhile I will use the longer cycles if I have something in there that's a mess. I don't have any way to know if the new ones clean as well but for me with what I have it's thumbs up all the way.

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You really have to evaluate it, appliance by appliance.
If you read all the reviews about KA Fridges, you will have to search long and hard for a negative review.

"Most" KA Dishwashers reviews are positive, I think more so, than the Bosches, (some folks have got some real "Stinking" Bosch DW's), (seems like if it smells , it's a Bosch), but of course there are many positive reviews about the Bosch DW's too, but I think it you totalled up the +/- reviews, KA would come out on top. Course they all would lose to the Miele DW's but not everyone wants to fork out that kind of money for the Mieles, and if a Miele does have a problem, the parts and service can be a real pain and expensive.

Let's look at ovens. Kitchenaid had a horrific problem with failures after self cleaning, more so than any other company, and in fact a few years back "Said Problem" was "Legendary".
Many of us here in Garden Web, do not like the way "Kitcheaid denied the problem, and really never addressed the problem for those that had the problematic ovens.

Now to be fair, Miele has never mentioned the low temp problems with their ovens, and we even heared rumours of a "Software fix" but never any info about it, for those that had the problem, except for one poster, (as best as I can recall).

Again, to be fair, we are starting to see positive reviews on the NEW KA ovens. How soon will some of us forget their less than exemplary history? (Your guess is as good as Mine)!

Probably the most important thing I can contribute here, is that "most of us", here in Garden Web, DO NOT buy appliances of all the same brand. We Do our "Diligent Research" and we make our "Best Effort" to buy the "Best" (Reliable, xlnt performance ----etc) for the Job it is intended to do!


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I had a Jenn Aire CD french door fridge with filtered water inside and ice maker and I will not buy that again. I wish I could find a JA like Dodge59 has but I think they stopped making those. Our fridge was fine for a year and then the freezer started icing up and I was getting puddles under the fridge. JA (Whirlpool) warranties the parts for up to 5 years but not labour and that was at least $100 per hour. I called an excellent local appliance repairman and he fixed it for $90, part included but Whirlpool sent him the wrong part 3 times. I was not a happy camper. Meantime, the cork floor under the fridge was ruined.

I did really love the internal water dispenser but I'm going with a filter system at the tap instead this time around. I don't think I will ever buy anything Whirlpool again.

Good luck with your purchase.

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I had a KitchenAid dishwasher for many years with no problem, loved it, no repairs, etc.

Bought a KitchenAid dishwasher Model KUDS 30 IX BL one year and one month ago. This week the control panel went out and had to replace it.

The repair tech told me if I paid for the dishwasher via American Express and the repair bill too then American Express would extend the warranty and refund cost of repairs. I have filed a claim and will see if this really happens. I read on the American Express website this is one of the things the card provides at no extra cost, they will extend the original warranty for one year.

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