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motherof3inctJune 26, 2013

I few weeks ago GW was so helpful with helping me with my frameless glass shower options. I went with a local glass company as opposed to a national chain. I am getting 2 fixed panels and a centered single door that swings both ways.

The installers came yesterday and there was a mixup with the door size. The glass door needs to be re-ordered and will be here by the end of the week. They installed one of the fixed panels with screws and silicone and the other is installed but not yet screwed in. The guy said to wait for the door.

After the installers left, I examined the shower panels. The installed glass panel is totally flush against the shower wall with minimal silicone. The unfixed glass panel has a gap along the shower wall (maybe 1/4" at the widest). It is flush on the top and bottom where the panel meets the shower wall so it has been pushed in all the way. My shower wall must bow in. The gap starts maybe a foot from the curb and ends about 6" from the top. I am afraid that they will need to put in wads of silicone to seal the gap. My shower is 63" long. This is the wall farthest from the shower head. Do I need to silicone the glass panel to the wall or can I just leave it and hope it doesn't leak?

A friend of mine renovated her bathroom at the same time as me. She went with the national glass co, but paid a couple hundred dollars more. Their sales pitch was that they measure and cut glass specifically for the wall frame to prevent the problem I am facing. I know my glass was custom cut where the top is wider than the bottom, but I don't know if my local glass co could have done more to prevent this. After spending so much money on this bathroom, it upsets me that I could have had a nicer shower if i spent a few hundred more. We just renovated 2 bathrooms and this is the only bathroom decision I may regret :(

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I don't believe the national glass company would have done the "scribing" required as they would actually need to make a template and I have never seen or heard of that done as it would need to be dry fit / scribed them tempered if this is even possible. I believe the national company would have done the same as the local guys did which was take the outages and cut the piece on an angle. If your not happy with the gaps you really need to speak to the GC that did the wall work as that is where the problem obviously started and who is to fault.

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Do you think I need to silicone the panel to the wall? The glass co said we could try it without silicone and see if it leaks. If it doesnt leak we just need to be careful with our handheld shower. If it does leak during regular showers, they will come back to silicone.

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Sounds plausible to me, however as you mentioned it is the opposite wall from the shower head and 1/4" is a fairly large gap so I think it very well will leak but how much is something I cannot answer. They used clips then as opposed to channel (I much prefer that look myself)? Please post pictures when your finished.

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Thanks millworkman. You have been so helpful. I will let you know how it goes and definitely post pics. The shower door installation marks the completion of my 2 bathroom renovations. Yippee!

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I'd put a straight edge on the wall to see if the wall is bowed or if the glass is bowed. I have been sent bad glass in the past.

If it's the glass, get new glass. If it's the wall, I'd push back against the GC or whoever was in charge of that facet of construction.

You might get nowhere, which is where you are now. Or you might get an apology. Or a few bucks in your pocket. Or a repair of some sort.

You never know. But you hold the checkbook, and guess what. That makes you the boss.

Good luck with it.

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I agree with mongo except from what I am reading it would be the 1/2" or 3/8" edge of the glass and I have really seen that edge bow, cut incorrectly maybe or the glass warped or bowed from tempering or whatever in plane but not the edge.

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