two sinks or one sink for bathroom vanity?

robinleJune 21, 2013

I would appreciate any help or advice. We bought a 60" vanity for the master bath. It was a display model, has a quartz top which is not secured down. It has one hole in the middle of the counter for a vessel sink, which was not included. This is for a rental home. These are my ideas I am trying to decide on. Should I get a vessel sink or above counter sink such as the Kohler Vox? Should I take it to a fabricator and have them cut the hole for an undermount sink? Should I have one sink or two sinks? The measurements of the vanity are 61" 1/4" long, 2" 3/4" deep, 33" heigh plus I have to add the height of the quartz which is 1 1/8" thick. Any suggestions or thought on what I should do?
Would you rather have one sink and more counter space or two sinks and less counter space? Would you rather have a vessel sink, above counter sink or under mount sink?
I was thinking one large mirror with a light on each side. The bathroom is not very big. The whole bathroom is being remade. It will have a nice glass shower, a built in linen closet, the vanity and toilet. I am also on a very tight budget. There is one other bathroom in the house. I would greatly appreciate any thought or help on this project. Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help.

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It's a rental.

With that in mind, my go to choice would be an undermount. Second would be a drop-in. Never ever would I put a vessel in a rental. Do consider that if the vanity was designed for a vessel that any intrusion below the countertop might interfere with vanity storage. Draw functionality, etc.

One sink versus two? If the bathroom is small, that might lead you to one sink. One person washing at a time, more counter space, etc. Plus, with your budget being tight? One sink will save you.

If you think you'll have trouble renting this place and you think you might need an edge, or if you're renting to a couple/family, then two sinks could give you an edge in a tight rental market. Sometimes it's all about the bling.

Just make sure that before you go the two sink route that the vanity itself can take two undermount sinks, or two drop-in sinks, PLUS the plumbing, without completely losing the functionality of the top bank of drawers in the vanity. If an undermount will cause you to lose storage, then I'd minimize the amount of lost storage by going with one sink.

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Ditto the above. If selling, two sinks would be more important, and I would rather have an undermount, but I'd much prefer a sink at a good height than one that is too low. With a solid surface counter, the splash would be less of an issue than with some surfaces -- just make sure the faucet is well chosen for the sink and installed so that it doesn't splash or cause endless splashing when washing your hands, etc.

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Exactly what mongo said. It's a rental so go with an affordable option. Check if the vanity can fit an undercount or drop in. Also make certain it's high enough. I've seen some vanities made for vessel sinks that seem lower than normal. I think one sink would be just fine especially in a small bathroom. Though sometimes two sinks might give an edge for a family or multiple roommates. What is the space plumbed for now?

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