Waiting for 'The Witch'... (pic heavy)

slinkeyOctober 20, 2010

I gathered up some 'Witch' decorations, to create this table...

Hope you enjoy it...

I had a gold tablecloth and put a Large Spiderweb Decoration on top...then added all that you see to it.

The Witch plates were from CTS -

The Cat name cards are actually Photo Holders..from CTS.

Their eyes flicker in the dark.

I folded two napkins together and tied them with Ribbon from Michael's.

I collect Vintage Halloween Decorations, and when I saw this box at AC Moore, on clearance for $3.99.. I had to have it. I love it's Vintage Design.

The Nutcracker Witch was DH's discovery years ago, at CTS.

The cat was from AC Moore on clearance $3 - and the Witch Bowl is Dept 56 and was a gift from my friend's Daughter.

Hope you enjoyed 'Waiting For The Witch'...


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Great job! The witch plates really take the cake. You're right about the witch box. It definitely has a vintage feeling.
Is that a witch hat candle I see?

Tell me, is that orange Fiestaware? What about the flatware? Can't tell for sure, but it looks like it has black handles.

And the kitty on wheels - is he vintage? I think I've seen him before. Was it in one of your arrangements? He is my favorite thing on the table next to the witch hat plates. Shoot, maybe the witch box is my favorite. No, I think the COMBINATION of the witch dish and the orange plate is my favorite. Wait, wait. It's the big bowl. Oh heck. I don't know. I just love the whole thing.

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Job well done!
I love the orange and black color scheme and the plates are tooo cute.
I have the same spider web but it never occured to me to put it on the table.
Like OA, I can't pick a favorite piece. Love it all.

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Jane, I love your table. The spider web over the shiny gold cloth is great.I like the way the witch hats look as if they are floating on the plates! The box is the perfect addition. That witch nutcracker is a riot. I really did enjoy 'Waiting For The Witch'.

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Thank you ladies for all your nice compliments.

OA..too funny!
'Is that a witch hat candle I see?' >
Yes..I bought it at a TS last month - $.50

'Tell me, is that orange Fiestaware?'
No...just plain ole Dollar Store Plates.

'What about the flatware? Can't tell for sure, but it looks like it has black handles.' Yep, Black - got them on clearance from Burlington Coat Factory - of all places

'And the kitty on wheels - is he vintage? I think I've seen him before. Was it in one of your arrangements?'
He has a 'Vintage Look' that fits in with my collection.
I honestly don't remember where I got him. I've had him for years. Yes...I had him out last yr under my Halloween Tree display. I love him too.

NanaK..Funny, I thought the same thing about the hat - looking like it's floating! The photo doesn't do justice to that Nutcracker Witch. She is a riot with lots of funny details on her.

MM..I was trying to come up with something different for a table cover..I had the gold cloth and was trying to think what would be good to set it off > soooo I went into the attic, and got out the old spiderweb...and Voila!


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How very Halloweeny. The whole table is delightful. I love the big witch bowl, is so cool. The way the dishes are layered is very nice, the witch plate in particular. The shiney cat was such a deal, I saw one at Big Lots this week for way more. Great job!

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jane...the witch hat plates make the place setting so "Halloween-y"...yes, "floating" was my first thought too. Love the linens...double napkins & ribbon, your gold t'cloth & that attic stow-away! Or&Blk...definitely traditional colors but by no means, an ordinary table!

Like OA, I am lovin' everything...kitty on wheels, nutcracker, vintage looking box & serving bowl. Great idea for the cat card holders! And pumpkins for lighting!...like how you heightened them withcandleholders! Ahhh, slinkey jane, this is just a fun, fun, t'scape...& not a bit scary...my 3 & 4 yo GS's would love it! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Darling table, Jane. Love it all! Really love the witch plate and your new box, and the little cat is so cute! The jack o lantern candles up on the candle holders looks great. You always come up with such neat things, and the big spiderweb really pulls it all together. Oh, those little plates might be "levitating" rather than just floating, don't you think? LOL


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Bewitching table!!Black spiderweb shows up so well on the gold cloth & I love the cat on wheels & witch hats! It's a winner, any witch would be proud to sit down & brew up some spells at your table! I've never seen a witch nutcracker before, very interesting! Jan

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Thank you - Frou..Jeanne, Luvs...

Frou.. When I saw that shiney cat on clearance, I snatched it up..cause you're right, I've seen them for so much more too.

Jeanne...I know what you mean about a 'scary table' with young GKds...I wanted to do something not too scary...but guess what, when I was done, they commented that 'It's Not Scary Enough' ! Go Figure. Anyway, I've got another one planned with a couple of Items my Oldest DGS picked out. He also wanted one of those Gargoyles...but I don't like them...and he had to accept it! lol

Luvs... I was laughing over the plates 'levitating'...but when I looked again, they do look more like they're doing that!!


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Here I am! You made me laugh so hard when I read your title. DH couldn't figure out what was going on until I turned around and he seen my shirt! DH offered to take my picture

but I said "NO". DD bought this shirt for me last weekend in Spokane. Thought it was cute so wore it today.

Love your beautiful table. The witch hat plates are super neat and the napkins and Boo ribbons are so pretty. That Dept 56 bowl is wonderful. DFD has great taste. Lucky You! All your added decorations and spider web make this table a fun one. Cute place card holders.

That Lil' kitty has me wondering if he might be related to Jazz with that cute face. Watch Out! It looks like the big kitty is already afraid of what could take place. We all know that dynamite comes in small pkgs.LOL OA, you may have another case on your hands. Can you handle this?

A total joy seeing your table tonight.


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Punk..sorry I'm late to reply to you..as I just saw this.
You are a 'funny gal'..

That shirt from DD is too cute. I love it...
'YOU' look great in it too! hehehe
Glad you enjoyed all the fun stuff on the table. You should have hopped on that broom and made your way over to 'Party With Me' !
Maybe next time. Happy Haunting!


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