Fall - #2

slinkeyOctober 17, 2011

AS you can see, I'm moving through the house with my pictures..

Kitchen counter...The Black Iron Stand was GW - $6 and the plate also GW - $1.

I had trouble with my camera setting on this picture..color is too off..but you get the idea...

Little corner display in Breakfast area...

The cash register is real old. We've had it for years..

There was an old cash tape in it with mostly 5 and 10 cents sales!

Kitchen Table CP

On Top of Cabinet in KItchen...The Birdhouse Pitcher was from a Thrift Shop - $3

Small White Hutch in Kitchen area...

Jeanne...here's your Squirrel's brother!

I have a few more to post and that will do it...

Once again - Thanks for looking -


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Oh, what a treat, jane! Thanks!

Love those GW kitchen counter finds! That plate is beautiful as is the stacked stand. Lovely vignette!

And the corner display ...love that painting ... I have the farmer yet in an oval frame from one of those home parties from yrs ago! Your old print is so rustic...love it! & that cash register & crock jug! Awesome vignette!

Your oil lamp looks so lovely, too, with that vignette...more lovely flower/fall arrangements in that pitcher!

Oh, I love that small white hutch in your kitchen! That is so beautiful in the evening light & how you stacked those lovely plates...pumpkins & leaves are gorgeous, too! Everything looks so wonderful! TFS, jane! Enjoyed! Jeanne S.

(& I've seen more of these squirrels lately...in smaller sizes & 2 diff poses...yes, this is a 'brother' as my squirrel is sitting on an opened shell acorn! LOL!)

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Jane, You really do have the touch!
The setting on your camera gives everything a beautiful romantic glow!
You have the perfect spot for your old cash register and you have just he right accessories to go with it.
I love the hutch in the kitchen too. I really like the gold pumpkins.
Thanks so much for sharing.

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Soooo pretty.

What really caught my eye is the old cash register tho. What a cool piece that is!

hugs, Karen
PS...if your pix are in Photobucket, you can easily adjust color. They have a hue, and a saturation, which are easy to use.

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Ditto to what Karen said:
You have so many beautiful hutches, I am really envious!
I only have room for the one in my dining room.
All of them are decorated so beautifully and I love each and every one.
You have some fabulous decor pieces to work with and you do such a great job layering and grouping everything.

Super Duper!!


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Jane, love the corner display in the kitchen with the black iron stand. Great find on it and the plate. Lovin' that plate w/peas.

Second pic with antiques is so great for a fall display. DH had an old cash register that he gave to a friend. Funny how the old things come back only to be loved again. Pretty table cp. So simple yet beautiful.

Your top of the hutches are nice with pitchers, lamps, etc. Your white hutch all decorated for fall is wonderful. Squirrel looks good among all the pretty fall additions here.NICE!!!


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Thanks Everyone...

Jeanne..that print I have (I love) is by Millet - called The Angelus. It's a very old print I bought in upstate NY at a Flea Mkt. Like the one over my mantel...I love subjects like that. I remember the one you have, (which I love too) is also special. Glad you enjoyed everything.

Nana.. If I had room for a dozen hutches (which would be dangerous)...I'd probably fill everyone of them!! You can never have to many - Right? lol

Karen...I've used the editing on Photobucket...sometimes the picture is too one way or other, and there's not much you can do to enhance it much. Thanks for the tip tho.
DH usually has a little sign on the Register that says
'Do Not Touch'...because if the wrong key is hit..it tends to freeze and he's spent lots of time 'unfreezing' it. Seems whoever sees it...loves to do it - especially the kids 'Big & Small' ! lol

Candy..I know you have tons of dishes and with just one hutch
in your DR, I don't know how you do it. You always seem to be able to 'whip up' a TS so quickly -
and beautifully too. What's your secret? lol


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Jane, you do such a lovely job decorating your home, always!
I do less and less every year, the carrying the bins up and down is killer!
The bin fairy just never shows up!

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Thanks Kathleen...honestly I can relate to wanting a 'bin fairy'. I feel the same way about carrying them.
I seem to be buying more bins and just packing them lighter to haul. I always worry about falling with them down the stairs too.


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Your pics look so warm and inviting even if you say the colors didn't come out right. Love your finds in the corner display, and the apples go well with the register and picture--it is so cute I can see why everyone would want to try it out!

I don't have "stairs" to carry bins up and down, but mine are on sturdy shelving in a storage area and I have to climb up one of those three step stools and lift them down--they are getting heavier every year because of more stuff! (Won't admit to getting "weaker") LOL I'm actually thinking that I need to find smaller bins and maybe part with "something" this year!


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Well ditto what everyone has already said - just great vignettes everywhere - I love the soft romantic coloring of your photos. Your white hutch is perfect. Mine is finally decorated now that the paint is fully cured but still need some hardware before I take pictures TFS .....


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Thanks again Luvs..Lynne.

Luvs, I seem to find the only way to make those bins manageable is to pack them lighter or get smaller bins!
Getting rid of stuff...now that's a challange!! lol

Lynne I'm looking forward to your decorated hutch.
DH made this one that I have and it's exciting when you first decorate it. Would you believe it originally was finished in a natural maple stain and had two glass doors.
After having it for years that way, I had DH remove the doors and then paint it 'shabby white'!! I love it this way.


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Well done! I just love fall decorations!

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