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luvstocraftOctober 18, 2010

I just watched HGTV's Halloween Block Party and it was fantastic. They had Sabrina Soto from Get It Sold hosting, and three designers decorated three homes on the block. Just amazing the things they came up with and even some ideas that were easy enough for anyone to do. Just plain fun in my opinion, I loved it and I think you will too! Luvs

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Sounds fun Luvs. Thanks, I'll try to see this one. This reminds me I haven't posted my outdoor decs for this year.


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It was on tonight and I saw it. They'll probably do a lot or reruns this week. Some pretty frightful, creative, over the top decorating. The tent with the talking head
would do me in. LOL.
I got a kick out of the spooky wedding family tho.

hugs, Karen

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I watched it too. Loved all the giant decorations. Imagine putting up an entirely new facade on the front of your 2-story house. Wonder what the printing for that costs! Nobody was on a budget. It was fun to see what you can do if money is no object. Did you get a load of the chandelier? OK. I want that designer to come to my house and bring her unlimited funds.

Every time they showed the cemetery fence (which I adored), they would say how easy it was to store and I was thinking, "It sure would be - if you owned a warehouse." Loved all those skeleton pinatas too and the idea they came up with to hang them on the high branches.

Liked the chocolate blood fondue. Why no recipes for those of us who are culinary challenged? Couldn't find them on their website. It didn't look like they used regular food coloring. I'm not a candy maker, so I couldn't tell what they were using to get the blood-red color.

Now, I'm a person that liked the talking head. I'm fascinated with that sort of thing. Makes me want to go up and touch it to figure out how it works.

I liked a lot of their ideas, but they really didn't offer much in the way of directions. I was disappointed with that. Plus, the "reveal" at the end included lots of split second or sweeping shots (made stuff look spookier, I guess) in which the camera never paused on anything long enough to get a really good look at it. If I hadn't have liked any of it, it wouldn't have mattered, but I liked most of it, so I felt a little frustrated at the end.

Loved the three carnival tents. We already own one for tailgating and since our yard is small to begin with, two would fit quite well. Maybe, when my grandchildren are older, they could help me man a couple of Halloween booths. I'm not really sure what HGTV did in their tent booths (showed spooky anomalies, I think), but it might be fun to offer free Halloween carnival games for the kiddies.

Well, Luvs, I guess you can see that I'm glad you posted concerning the show. I had a ball watching.

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OA, I can only help a little on the blood fondue. He said butter, heavy whipping cream, and the chocolate. The girl was adding drops of the red color so it wasn't a gel. I'm surprised the website didn't have the recipe for it.

I agree, the shots at the end were kinda fast for trying to really understand what we were looking at. I've got it recorded so I can go back and look some more. Not that I'll actually DO anything like this--but inquiring minds wanna know--and see it all! LOL

Glad you all got to see it too. I just love these kinds of shows--so fun!

I think that about the budgets on allot of the shows--great ideas but waaaay beyond what I could afford.


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