Bosch range and microwaves

maries1120May 3, 2012

I am working on picking appliances and even though they aren't high end ones, could use some opinions if there is anyone else out there with just average appliances.

Fairly sure the dishwasher will be a Bosch (SHE8ER55UC)and the refrigerator (limited options for a single door bottom freezer) will be a Maytag. I know Bosch dishwashers get rave reviews, but any comments on their ranges (5053) and over the range microwave (8051)? The other options are a Maytag 8880 range and 6180 or 6186 Microwave.


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All I know is that Bosche makes Thermador which I'm about to put into my next house. I'm getting a 48" range and also their convection microwave. I'm not going to use the free Thermador dishwasher that comes with it and probably going with a KitchenAid unit. I know the Therm is better, but the layout of the racks doesn't really suit my lifestyle. My mother in law has the Bosche version and loves it though.

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Thanks. Kitchenaid appliances were another option but I kept seeing so many negative comments on KA appliances. They were the highest priced package too for what I wanted. Bosch was a little less than the Maytag ones I am looking at. I remember my 1st DW and so excited getting a KA since they were the best. I like the looks of all their products so the negative reviews are disappointing. DH still might want a KA DW though because of the heated drying. I am letting him make the DW decision since he usually loads it and runs it.

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The problem I have with the Bosche DW is the bottom rack. It's not really setup to accept bowls. At least I haven't figured out a way. A single bowl will take up so much space. Their marketing keeps touting how they can fit 16 wine glasses in there. I don't drink wine, so thanks for that Bosche/Therm. ;) The Therm will actually do a sani-wash in every cycle because it has an internal heating element (or so I'm told by the sale person). The KitchenAid is at the mercy of how hot your water heater heat the water. Not a big deal for me as I'm more concerned with loading layout. I also like the Pro Scrub feature on the KitchenAid Superba line.

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Thanks for that info on the dishwashers. Definitely some things to consider. We just replaced our water heater and no issues with the water heating. I didn't even get close to where I usually turned the shower to and it was scalding even with the water heater set at the same temp as the old one. A dishwasher is a pain to replace so want something around $1000 that is reliable that will last for many years. I thought the Bosch has a sani-wash option too.

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