Miele electric cooktop recommendations

IkarousMay 3, 2013

We're in the market for a new 30" glass top electric cooktop, and I'm smitten with the ones made by Miele. Our 4yr old Electrolux Icon induction cooktop recently stopped working, and the repairman essentially said that when the warranty is up on these induction cooktops, they're essentially disposable, because no one wants to spend more than they paid for the appliance to get it fixed. We paid about $800 for a showroom model, and while we loved having it, we're not going to shell out just over $1000 in parts and labor to get it fixed. Anyways, I'm mulling over getting a used Miele electric cooktop, but I'm having the worst time finding reviews about specific models, or about the build quality of the Miele electric cooktops in general. After not having a working cooktop for close to a month now, we really just need to decide on one and put it in, but I don't want to be stuck with a lemon. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
For what it's worth, the models that we're considering are: KM5656 and KM443.

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Are you looking at electric cooktops or induction cooktops. I couldn't find either of those model numbers on the Miele cooktop webpage - are they possibly old models?

ok - I googled one of them and it is a discontinued model. I'm surprised after using induction that you'd go back to an old electric cooktop. In general, Miele makes reliable products (some issues with even temperatures in their ovens.) I would think you'd look at their induction cooktops.

Also, as you probably know, there's no standard size for cooktops which may mean issues with your countertop.

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@Weissman, We're looking at plain old electric. Don't get me wrong, we were in LOVE with the induction, but I don't want to deal with the high repair costs once the warranty expires. The part that the Electrolux induction needed was about $800, and add labor on top of that, and it was cost-prohibitive to repair w/o a warranty.

I wasn't aware of the sizing issues with cooktops. That's good to keep in mind!

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If you check in the forum here, You will have to search "Long & Hard" to find failures of induction cook tops, (regardless of brand)
of course, "One is too many", since it is yours that failed.

First off, you should get a 2nd opinion on the repair cost, especially that $800 part. What is the part? Chances are there other places where you can buy the part cheaper, (If it is indeed that part)??????

No way would I go from and induction cook top to a conventional one, had a smooth cook top, probably the most elaborate and most expensive one made, it lasted a little more than one year and then ended up in the dump, as the company went bankrupt and no support for the cook top.

Anyway don't give up too easily on induction, list the part here, and we will see if we can help you!

By the way, I do have an older Electrolux Induction cook top it has been completely trouble free for 4 or 5 years now but I bought a 5 year warranty from Pacific Sales for $75,
(Just in case).


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Ikarous, I understand your dilemma. We have not cooked with induction but in doing research for our final remodel we have started to second guess that choice because of huge repair costs reported by homeowners within 3-4 years of purchase (that and clicking/humming). We are nearing 70 and can't afford expensive bills on top of expensive purchases.

Clearly, gone are the days of appliances lasting 15 - 20 years without much maintenance. Today's choices need to include the cost of maintenance.

Because we live in a tiny house we are looking at the Miele 24" 3 burner smooth-top radiant cooktop. Being seniors, we really like the idea of timers on the burners. We'd hoped for a 3 burner induction but Miele doesn't plan one for the States.

I know Consumer Reports downgraded the KM5656 because the high heat didn't perform as well as others but low heat was rated exceptional.

Good hunting.

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@Dodge59, I thought that we could never go back to plain electric from induction, as well. I've grown accustomed to fast heat/cook times and precise controls. But, pure economics drive this decision. My highly regarded appliance technician said that he's serviced many inductions, and right at the 4-5 year mark when most warranties expire is when some of them start having problems. He said that they are very high-tech, which makes parts and repairs not cost-effective once warranties are expired. We had an Electrolux Icon 30"...it might've been the 2nd generation model. Something is wrong with the control panel, and that is the part that needs to be replaced. The repairman also said that because they no longer produce that part, he would have to get a newer one, and then call to Electrolux in order to modify it to work with our cooktop...and even then, it could possibly not work.

Anyways, after this incident, I don't trust induction technology/repair costs at this point. I don't want to bog down this thread with debating the issue, and I would rather hear more about people's experiences with Miele electric radiant cooktops.

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Probably the same one I have. Does it have the stainless steel rim around it and the touchpad divided by a stainless steel strip?

I am going to call Elux Monday and checks parts availability, just to be on the safe side, as we love ours, and I don't anticipate replacing it in our lifetimes, I'm in my 70's and wife is scaring the heck out of 70, (68).

I hope folks posts per your request, but at least here in Garden Web, we don't see many posts about Non_Induction electric cooktops. You may want to try chowhound or even google the Miele model You want or "Miele Electric cook top reviews".


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@Dodge59, it sounds like we have the same model of Electrolux Icon induction cooktop. If I could, I would've married that thing. As it stands, I will wait for the repair costs to catch up to the technology. I'm not in a situation where I can keep incurring expensive repairs, so I have to resort to the good old standby. My repairman said that if something was wrong with an electric radiant, he could swap it out with a new part for $40. I'm glad that you'll be doing your due diligence and calling Electrolux. My repairman called their tech support while he was in my kitchen and got a detailed run down. He was even able to show me on his laptop where specific parts inventory for my model was stocked. Unfortunately for those of us with older models, Electrolux has moved on. I suspect that in the future we'll be hearing about more repair problems with induction cooktops...at least if my repairman's job calls bears me out.

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I hear ya, and I'm not ignoring your message.

What happened to our expensive non-induction cook top is that grease or whatever got on the touch pad as it was not separated from the rest of the cook top, Just like the Miele models you are looking at. For the first year I could scrub, (even to the point of "bloody fingers, Not Kidding), and get the thing to work a while longer, but eventually it became a futile effort.

That is why we bought the particular induction cook top model we did, (the controls were divided from the main cooking surface). But I think that was "overkill" on our part as it is a rare post, (at least in Garden Web) where anybody, regardless of brand, has had problems with the induction touch pads.

What finally made us decide to get rid of that piece of junk conventional smooth cook top, is that one night, instead of going to bed, I came downstairs to the kitchen, That piece of junk had managed to unlock itself, turn the biggest burner on full high, and not that far away was a towel---well that scared the livin' **** out of us, so I would never have one of those in the house again, (at least one with a touch pad). With induction, it won't turn on unless there is a pan there and we never leave one there.

I know that your mind is made up, but I just want let you know the "Endless amount of grief" we had, and now we sleep well at night and feel a lot safer with the induction.
At our age, who needs all the cleaning hastles, Not US!


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I agree that it's generally not worth spending more to fix an appliance than it costs but instead of going back to an electric cooktop, you might consider another induction cooktop - not all of them die in 4 or 5 years. Of course, you could just budget for a replacement every 4 or 5 years and if you don't need it, then you're ahead! As I said above, you may have an additional cost of resizing the cutout for a new cooktop that has to be factored in as well. As dodge said, you could look at alternate sources for the replacement part - repairclinic.com is a good place to start.

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I found keypads for the Elux Induction cooktop starting at about $184, by doing as you suggested, weissman.

There really isn't such a thing as a "Whole Control Panel", you just order and buy the individual parts you may need for it, Keyboards, displays, etc.

Thanks for that, No problems with mine, but it's great to know where I could get a part , should I need to, and being an Electronic Engineer, I would diagnose and replace them myself.

I replaced parts on that "POJ" cook top I had , before the induction, so no "Biggie" to me.

I did check prices on the Miele conventional cook tops.
Unless one finds a "deal", the're are lower priced induction cook tops.


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