Do all new dishwashers run for 2-3 hours????

oregpsnowMay 28, 2011

I just got a new Whirpool dishwasher. Controls on the top, way more bells and whistles than I need. It sure cleans the dishes well but it runs at least two hours on a basic cycle! Holy cow - do they all do that? Even the manual warns you it runs this long but also says it is using less energy than older models. I guess that is OK, but don't the dishes take a beating with all this washing? I don't have fancy dishes but it seems like the friction of the water would eventually erode the flatware and dishes.

I think I smell an alliance between the dishwasher manufacturers and the housewares companies :)

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YES. Our Miele runs 2-3 hours for most cycles, yet uses very little water and energy.

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I have a cheapish DW and it takes forever to run also. It ticks me off when I'm prepping for a party and can't run a quick load of dishes to try to keep up with my mess. I sooo wish I could have found room in the new kitchen for two DWs. Then I could keep up. I always wonder why speed isn't something DW engineers strive for. I appreciate the water and energy savings, but a speedy 30 minute cycle would be a selling point to me.

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My new KA has a 1 hour cycle, especially for loads when you are in a hurry, such as party prep and you will need those dishes or even during a party when you might need the flatware, glasses or some dishes for later in the party, too.

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The water isn't spraying ALL that time. A good part of the length of the cycle is the air-dry. But with the removal of phosphate detergents from the market and the push to use enzyme-based detergents means that yes, it takes longer to clean the dishes.

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yes, it is normal.
It's a machine.

You, as a human, able to think, and able to adjust your habits, can leave it alone, and go do other things while the dishwasher does its job.

In the past, dishwashers sloshed a lot of water around.
These days they do other things in the timeframe allowed.

It seems to have been decided by general consensus that dishwashers should be given more time to do their job. More time = more softening of hardened specks of food, less need to slosh gallons.

oregpsnow, water and friction are MINimized in modern dishwashers.


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Yup....examine your manual. Shortest Whirlpool cycle is 58 minutes. Longest is 3:30. Timing variable depending on water heating and turbidity sensing. Does a good job, though. Doesn't spray all the time, though. Sprays/pauses/sprays/pauses....whole new world.

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The Miele Optima (and perhaps other models) have a 48-minute Express cycle which I use a lot. This is in addition to the usual longer cycles though with turbo my normal is just under 2 hours. So yes and no.

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My Bosch Evolution has a 35-minute quick wash. I only use it for things like glassware & barely soiled dishes. It will not clean stuck-on food or greasy pans. Longer cycle needed in those cases.

Handy when you are prepping a lot for a big dinner, though.

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Was surprised to see that the Express cycle (Miele Diamante) is fine for the "usual" every day type of load that typically includes lots of cups and and glasses and a few not-too-heavily-soiled dishes.

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Yes, Longer running times and less energy :o I too was shocked at the length of time a normal cycle took. My KA dw has a 1 hour wash. If I haven't crammed the dw to it's utmost maximum load with an extra dirty load, the 1 hour wash does just as good a job as the normal wash. Manual says the 1 hour wash uses slightly more water and energy. Sometimes it's worth it!

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KA KUDS30IVSS: 1 hr 15 min reg wash, 1 hr 30 min heavy-duty wash. Don't use the Pro Scrub much, but when I do, it really works well.

Ever since phosphates were removed, cleaning on upper rack has gone down a bit, although using the heavy-duty cycle has compensated overall for the most part in the loss of cleaning power.

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I was appalled when I discovered this, too. I always use the "light wash" cycle on my Maytag DW because it's *only* 80 minutes.

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