Sub-Zero Glass Door vs. French Door models

RealHousewifeofNJMay 19, 2014

Help! I am trying to decide between these two models (in 36") and I am SO torn and I need to make a decision by the end of the week. I love the idea of the glass door, I am a pretty organized neat person and I think it would force me to be even more so and even "stage" my fridge so to speak. Also it is in a long wall of cabinets and I think the glass would break up the space. On the other hand, I have a counter depth Samsung French Door fridge right now and I do love the functionality of a French Door. As for space, we have an entertaining kitchen / bar in our basement with a full size refrigerator I use for overflow. (It's only the 3 of us so I only really use it for parties). And we are putting a Sub-Zero beverage center in so that will eliminate a lot of the waters / sodas. So in other words, I don't really need the space and get away with a glass door fridge. Thoughts?

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Hi. If money is no issue, you will probably love the Subzero. The look is high end and if you're neat, you can't beat the wow factor of the glass. Not to mention, th SZ is really great at food preservation and proper temp and humidity control. On the other hand, if your budget is stretched and you already own a working fridge that you're happy with, you have to know when to stop spending.

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That particular SZ is the best looking fridge on the market IMO. It has the added bonus of being a statement piece. I thought I might need to replace my fridge, which is a 36" bottom freezer Viking. The glass-door was my #1. True, you lose door storage. But yesterday, I was at Lowe's and found myself in the fridge aisle while looking for an air filter. While I was there I started looking at the FD fridges -- LG, Samsung, GE, Frigidaire. I didn't like any of the interiors at all. For me less inside is more. The one I liked the least had that double door thing.

I know most people adore the FDs. I find them fussy.

I'd look at the issue in terms of use -- everyone organizes their differently. So for me it would be whether the inside config of the SZ would function well. Style wise it's a no brainer.

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You say you entertain. Whether you're using the bar fridge as your entertaining fridge with overflow in the kitchen, or vice versa, the stuff in the glass door fridge is likely to look pretty bad.

I try to keep my fridge neat and tidy, but when I entertain and am making bunches of dishes, it's all about what I can fit where. As food moves from ingredients in bags to finished in containers to ready to serve in bowls and platters, I'm always rearranging to make things work, and the everyday stuff gets stacked and shoved and tucked in where there's room.

In short: I am embarrassed when a guest opens my fridge!

I do keep a good hand on food safety, but everything else is up for grabs.

Oh! Solution! You could always put a "shade" on the glass during parties if unprettiness becomes a problem. :) They sell rolls of vinyl for windows just for this purpose. You could cut a piece to fit and just roll it on when you don't want to look at it...

Re the door storage, while it's useful, the items in the door do get warmer than the rest. You can use organizers to corral bottles and jars, as well as the butter and cheese. :)

I can't tell you which to get. My choice is panelled, solid, no see 'ums. :)

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I've got my eye on the new 42" FD, only a couple hundred more than the 36". No way I could deal with a glass door, not enough OCD.

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I just don't get why people want to see the contents of their refrigerators when they're closed. Truly don't understand. Is there a good (or any) reason? To each his own....but what is it?

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I think it's purely a "for looks" thing and I will be the first one to admit I think it looks good. That being said, thank you! I think I have made my decision and will go with the FD. I wish I could go for the 42" but at this point in the game it's too late. Honestly should have picked the appliances first and then designed the cabinets around them. Oh well, live and learn. And what I am going to end up with will be WAY better than what I have, so I am excited!

Thanks again!

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