Help choosing a dual fuel range! Wolf vs Monogram

tmurMay 25, 2012

Hi there. Having difficulty choosing between two 30" ranges. In a new home with Jenn-air/bosch appliances. Want a nice range that will:

1. cook awesome

2. improve resale

I have narrowed it to two ranges:

GE Monogram 30" Dual Fuel - $4250

Wolf DF304 - $6000

Obviously the Wolf is a lot more; the question is whether it will better fulfill my two criteria, i.e. be worth the extra $1750 in resale.


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I vote wolf. better customer service, better warranty, better product.

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The Wolf is probably a better product, but don't kid yourself that it will add any incremental value to your house's resale value. The moment it is installed, it will begin to depreciate. If you list your house tomorrow, the difference in price between a home with no range included, and any range included, will always be less than the purchase price of the range. So get what you want, at a price you are comfortable with, and don't try to second guess the preferences of some hypothetical future buyer.

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My vote is wolf by a long shot. As far as resale goes, arguments can be made all day long either way. I believe that although its unlikely many people will conciously say to themselves "ya I'm gonna pay x amount of dollers more for that wolf", I do firmly believe that there is an unconcious level. When everything just looks right in a home people will pay more, even if you said you are taking the range with you. That's what staging is all about.

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Not sure about resale because I think that is governed by where your house is located, what's in your surrounding neighborhood, the state of the real estate market (buyers' vs sellers'), etc. Too many unknowns to accurately predict.

I can comment on the Wolf. When I remodeled in 2005, I replaced my range with the Wolf DF 304 -- the 30 inch range you're currently considering. I love to cook and entertain....And I'm so very happy with this range. Hands down, it is the best stove I have ever used, ever cooked on. I've had electric, all gas and DF ranges in the past....But this is such a stellar performer. I swear I'm a better cook -- that is, I produce higher quality food -- because of this range...both the gas burners and the DF oven.

Good luck with your decision. I truly doubt you'll ever regret selecting the Wold DF 304 range.

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Everyone has made great points already. The only thing I'd add is to think about the Wolf all-gas instead of the DF you mentioned. First because you'll save money with the Wolf AG over the DF. Second because there are less electronics in the AG, so less to break, less to become dated. Just MHO.

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I have a Wolf 36inch DF and love it too. I have cooked on lots of different ranges over a long time as well.

akchicago gave valid points for AG and it has the infrared broiler as well.

I am not sure that there is a huge difference between gas and electric as far as baking/roasting. The conventional wisdom is that gas heat is more moist. There is water produced in a gas oven from the products of combustion and there may be more humidity, but it is hard to tell if it is significant in amount when the air in the oven is heated and how much moisture is contributed by food releasing moisture as it is cooking.

Some of what I consider an advantage others might consider a disadvantage, but to me the advantages to DF are

Third element convection and dual fans, useful for keeping the temperature very even especially when the oven is really full.

It has 10 baking modes. I use these all the time. I can direct more heat from the top with convection roast or the bottom(for pies and quiches) with convection bake.

Self Clean

rollings racks on 2/3 of the racks on the DF.

There might be a few more differences but I can't think of them now.

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The bigger question is what have you been cooking on/in? If you're going from your standard run of the mill electric coil, gas or even glass top range to a pro range you will notice a huge change in cooking performance no matter which brand you choose.

When are you looking to resell? If it's in the next 5-7 yrs, I would go least expensive of the two as you likely won't get the difference in cost back out of it. Most buyers out there (not the buyer that frequents GW) will be thrilled to see a pro range no matter the brand. A buyer that frequents GW will likely be more picky, but then again they are not your average buyer.

I have the GE Monogram rangetop and double ovens. I am very pleased with them. The Monogram has the double stacked burners like the Wolf and simmers just as low if not lower. My ovens bake and roast marvelously on standard as well as convection settings. I've got 8 settings on the ovens (not including Hi Broil & Lo Broil) and have found that we primarily use 5 of them--Conv. Bake 1 Rack, Conv. Bake Multi-Rack, Bake, Conv. Roast & Broil. I haven't made homemade bread yet, but I will use the Proof setting when I do.

I personally would save the money and go with the GE Monogram especially if I wasn't planning on staying in the house & I didn't have a clear preference for either brand over the other. If you don't have any experience cooking with a Wolf or a Monogram (or any other pro range for that matter) you won't even notice any differences as you have nothing to compare your new pro experiences with other than your standard electric coil, glass top or gas range. And as stated above, either of these ranges will stand head and shoulders above those models.

Hope this helps!

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mydreamhome do you have any other Monogram appliances? I'm just curious because I am in the researching stage now and every brand seems to have pros and cons. Price wise GE monogram seems the way to go.

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