Looking for older pictures of Christmas.....

jenna1September 23, 2013

....decorations and Christmas tree in purples. The poster also did Holloween decorations, mostly in purple and black and plenty of terrific witches hats and boots.

I've been telling a friend about these pictures of both seasonal decorations, My favorite color is purple and altho I don't decorate with that color, the pictures always knocked my socks off. I actually think I swooned every time I looked at them. :) Forgive me if I'm wrong but I believe the poster was candy something?

I've probably been searching in the wrong forums and can't find them. Can anyone 'connect' me to the links of these pictures? I have just GOT to show them to my friend.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me in finding these.


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Welcome Jenna, I'm sure it is Candy's creations your looking for. You can scroll throught the Oct. and Dec. posts and probably find the pictures. Maybe when Candy sees this she will be able to reload the pictures for you to share w/o all the searching.


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Try clicking on this link, jenna .... it was on page 67 on this forum:

yup, candy's decor is awesome! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: candy's witches

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I have some of my purple décor for Halloween here, but am going to have to move Christmas photos from another computer.

Back later with Purple Christmas.

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Thank you! Can hardly wait to see the Christmas pictures! I've been looking all over for them, including Pinterest.

My best friend lost her husband of many years at the beginning of May and she has decided that she is going to 'do up' Christmas this year in memory of him. Because of her husband's serious illness and being a quad-paraplegic, she hasn't decorated for the holidays in several years, other than maybe a wreath on her front door.

This is the first enthusiasm I've seen from her in months. She didn't want to do traditional and her husband loved the color purple. My GF and my husband used to call us the Purple Bobbsy Twins because purple is also one of my favorite colors. When she mentioned it a couple weeks ago I immediately thought of the purple Christmas and Holloween pictures that was posted here and have been on the hunt ever since. Unfortunately, she lives in Georgia and we now live in Arizona (both of us originally from California) so all our ideas are thru emails, links and phone calls.

I'm really trying to keep her interested and enthusiastic even tho the Christmas holidays are a couple months away. To make it even worse, she lost her mom just six months before her husband. I know it's going to be really hard for her the closer the holidays get so I want to help to make it interesting and fun.

BTW, isn't there a holiday inspiration galleries (trees, mantels, porches, etc.) on GW? Am I completely missing it?

Thank you again!


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