If your tile guy gives answers even CLOSE to these....

bill_vincentJune 28, 2012


Are any of their tile installers are Certified by the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation?

Oh yeah-- I been to that class-- they had one at the Home Depot a couple weeekends ago.

What TCNA method they will use to install your tile?

The GOOD one!! I learnt from the best..... at Home Depot!

Where will the movement joints be located and what will they be made of?

Hey-- I told you-- I use the GOOD method-- my floors don't move!

What is the span of your joists? (Can your floor carry the weight of tile? How will your substrate and its support structure respond to the tile application?)

I've seen your wife! If it can carry her, tile's not an issue!

What level of service and warranty can you expect on the installation labor and the products installed?

What-- you don't TRUST me? That's no way to make friends with the guy who's gonna rip your.....er.... put in your new floor!

Will you need a vapor barrier? What about crack isolation? Is additional waterproofing necessary?

What vapor barrier!!! That concrete's been dried out for years! That's only for new concrete that's not dried yet.

If you are providing the tile, have they checked to make sure all the shades and calibers are consistent? Has overage been calculated?

Overage? I thought you wanted to keep the cost down? I mean, I even ate my mark up on that 7.00 a foot builders grade tile...... just for you!

What setting materials will be used for your installation?

The GOOD stuff

What experience does the installer have with these products?

I've used it for YEARS!!

What are their advantages?

I can even buy em on sunday.... in case I run out.

How does your installer keep up with the latest industry advances?

WHAT advances??? hey-- the tile they put in in Rome and Greece TOUSANDS of years ago is still there. You think some wiz kid can improve on that? Don't listen to those quick talkin salesmen!!

What associations do they participate in?

I paid my dues to the BBB so I have a triple A rating!

Are they a Five-Star Contractor?

I'll be as many stars as you want me to be!

When do I start????

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LOL...! Great advice, Bill.

I might add~ "Preslope? What's that?" and "Sure, I use Customblend morter....keeps yer price down and it DOES say "Custom" in the name~what more could you ask for?

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LOL - I would love to know the correct answers to these great questions!

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I could very easily type a book for each question.

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"I could very easily type a book for each question."

And I would buy it. :)

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