American Range wall oven information

psyoheMay 18, 2013

I have another post on this, but I do not know how to put the link. Maybe someone can explain????

Many people have asked about the American Range double wall oven. I have the hybrid oven with gas on top and electric on bottom. I thought it might be helpful to others who are considering AR to have a thread so they can find the good and bad about these ovens.

Mine was ready to use on April 30, 2013. That was when I found out that the gas oven worked well, but the electric didn't work at all. The blue light for temp on the gas oven doesn't work either. We had the electrician back to check it, but he said everything was fine.

Called AR on May 1, and they said they would send a repairman. I haven't heard from anyone since. I will call them on Monday.

On the positive side, the broiler is wonderful and so is the rest of the gas oven. (except for the blue light not working.) Last week I baked something with cheese and it spilled on the two racks and floor of the oven. It baked on for another half hour. I forgot to clean it when the oven cooled. Today I remembered to clean it. It was the easiest oven I have ever cleaned. The cheese was powder-like on the oven floor. It just fell off the racks too when I touched it with a damp cloth.

So post your questions or problems with AR single/double ovens. Maybe we can help others. ðÂÂÂ

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Update on the AR Hybrid.

After I emailed AR last night, they called this morning. They said a repairman would call me within 48 hours. I'm told them they wouldn't find one locally. They will probably have to get someone from Tulsa two hours away.


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Still no calls from AR or the repairman. Holiday weekend though.

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I received an email today. They said a repairman will call. Not much help, but at least they responded.

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An email came from AR and they said the repair only comes to my area on Tuesday and Thursday. No call from repairman and tomorrow is Tuesday.

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June 6- repair guy didn't show up. Called AR and they said all the paper work was done so repairman will come this week. When I called the repairman, they hadn't received any paperwork at all. They knew about the repair job, but I am not on the schedule this week. Grrrrr!

I called AR and explained how many months (6) since I ordered the ovens and how long I have waited for repair. I told them I didn't want to talk to the same people. I wanted to talk to the people at the top. She told me that's the only person to talk to. I told her I wanted the CEO. I got his voice mail and left a very direct message. We will see what happens now.

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Today is June 16. Still no appliance repairman. Still no call from American Range.


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I'm so sorry you're going through this and appreciate your continuing to report here, so that others can be aware of how poorly American Range is handling this situation. Have you contacted your dealer to see if they can possibly help? At this point, I'd, personally at least (as someone with a bad double oven experience from another brand), say just return it and start over with a different oven. If it's this hard to get it working from the outset, what will happen if you need additional repairs after a few months? And things that start this poorly, don't usually go smoother down the road--at least in my purely anecdotal, and possibly just unlucky, experience.

I looked at American Range double oven and really lusted over its beauty, the awesome French doors and a few other really impressive features. I called the manufacturer to ask some questions and was told the sales/marketing person would call me back that day and be more than happy to answer them. I had also, before calling, sent an email through their website, asking basically the same things and sharing all my contact info. Guess what? Never heard anything back from either outreach. That, and reading about "Peke's" experience, was enough for me to cross them off my list. If they're not going to take the time to reach out and answer a few simple pre-sales questions about racks and convection fans, what kind of help are they going to provide if something goes wrong?

Unfortunately for "Peke" it seems my hunch was correct.

"Peke," I wish you the best of luck! I sincerely hope I'm wrong and your situation is resolved happily; sooner, rather than later.

The frustration of not getting what you paid (a lot) for and being given the runaround to boot is something I know all too well. You really are doing a service by sharing your experience here, and I didn't want you to feel that no one cared, or that the GW community wasn't paying attention.

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They are kind of a stupid outfit, American Range.
They could have been in the "Running" along with Capital and Bluestar, Now I suspects most folks here would not touch them with a 10 foot pole, (regardless of price)!!!

You should forward this thread to them!


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applnut and dodge 59, thank you. I wasn't counting on anyone responding to this. Let's just use this post as a complaint post with no need to respond. How kind of you to answer though! Then others who are considering AR products can make an informed decision. So nice of you to commiserate with me.

Today is June 18. The repair company called to say American Range finally filled out the paperwork needed so they could come repair the oven. AR told me this was done weeks ago. Down side.....AR told the repair company that they had mailed me the parts. I haven't received any parts nor have I heard from AR.

???? How can they send a part if a repairman hasn't even seen the oven to diagnose the trouble? Seems like they know of defective parts already! So put that in the back of your mind when considering AR. Doesn't matter if it is a range or rangetop or oven.

I sent another email to the only two people you can talk to at AR, Alfred or Brad. They are managers. I left voice mails and other messages to Shane Demirjian, president and son of the founder of the company. No response.

My email also said they had one week before I let loose a barrage of complaints about their company online. I will be like a starving dog with a meaty will not stop once I begin. Six months ago they tore my kitchen out. The oven took forever to get here and it was broken. It has been installed since April 30 and AR was told about the problem on May 1. My patience is over.

I think they may be waiting for my one year warranty to be over.

So anyone that would like to respond or ask questions or complain yourself, feel free. But, I realize you are busy so don't worry about me if I am on here all alone. LOL This is my public service posting. LOL

Also, there is a lawsuit regarding dangerous AR ovens. Will find out more about it later. My french doors have blown open several times when the gas stove lights. Seems like it runs the gas too long then suddenly lights it. You hear the whoosh sound and see the doors move open slightly then close again.

Ah, American Range do you really want to take the consequences of burning my house down? When the complaints are online for everyone to see?

Can you tell they have pi$$ed me off? Peke

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"Peke" from everything you're saying my unsolicited advice would be to go to your dealer and refuse to take anything less than a refund/credit/replacement. In short, give up on American Range, which seems fairly hopeless, and start over with a different double oven. A dealer has far greater leverage than a consumer in terms of getting things done with a company.

Talk to your salesperson and, if that doesn't work, move up the ladder. If you have to, be sure and mention you're posting about your experience online in a well-trafficed appliance forum. Not a threat; just the facts.

If your dealer is uncooperative, contact your credit card company, assuming you paid by credit card, and see what they can do to help. You should be able to contest the charge, given that you didn't receive what you paid for (a working oven), though there are time limits on such things, so don't wait long to do it. I know that creating a dispute will get someone's attention as a I believe that money is withheld from a payee's account while the dispute is in progress.

You shouldn't have to go through this, and it just feels like more is coming; though I hope that proves to be untrue. Just sounds like a get-out-while-the-getting-is-good situation.

Best of luck and gladder than ever that I didn't take a flyer on AR!

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It is kinda sad, that AR does know know what a unique product they have.
(1) Side opening doors or regular doors,
(Even Gaggenau does not offer those options).

(2) An Electric/gas combination of ovens.
That's pretty rare, especially in thier price range.

Peke has "The Patience of a Saint".
I think He really wants that Combo, Gas/Electric with side opening doors. I really do hope it works out for him!

Alto, please be careful lighting that gas oven Peke, we don't wanna see ya on "Cloud Nine", with the rest of the saints!


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behavior like this toward a consumer who presumably spent a princely sum on a glorified hot box (which doesn't work right) usually spells doom for a manufacturer
I predict that they're out of biz within 3 years

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After I sent an email to AR's customer support, I posted on here about it.

I addressed the email directly to the president even though it only went to customer service. Well.....someone must have been watching the emails because it got to the VP of marketing. He called me within 30 minutes. Customer service told him that I had called it in on May 22, not May 1. They blamed everything on the repair guys.

The VP is checking in to it. So heads are rolling today....or at least ducking for cover! LOL

All I wanted was to talk to someone higher up. It really made me mad when they said there was no one higher up. Do they think I am that stupid? Evidently, but my guess is they learned their lesson. This little old teacher just gave them metaphorical "swats" with a paddle.

So he promised to call me tomorrow morning. He tried once more today but I was on the other phone and couldn't take the call. He even gave me his cell number.

My guess is AR wants to do well by consumers, but their customer service area needs to clean house.

Also they need to clean house on the people who build the ovens. It should have never left the warehouse in this condition. Besides that, it shouldn't have taken this long to get repaired. If I owned AR, I would have sent someone from the company to fix it instead of making a customer wait for six or seven weeks.

Will post more tomorrow if I hear something. Peke

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Wow, AR called early this morning and later this afternoon. The parts that they think are causing the problems are being shipped overnight to the repair guy. They should be there tomorrow.We'll see if the repair guy calls me.

This is what makes me crazy! AR thinks its lower level employees are doing what is best for the company... Helping consumers with problems or building the oven to work correctly and testing it before shipping. AR management needs to be more involved if they keep messing up like this. No one cares more about your business than you do, so don't leave it all for the lowest paid employees to do. They aren't paid that much! Will post when (IF) oven gets fixed.

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As of last Friday, the repairman is coming on Tuesday. I am hoping it is an easy fix. I am also hoping he brings some kind of appliance lift. That hybrid baby weighs 624 pounds! Peke

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Tuesday is her and repairman is here with the
parts American sent. Too bad they didn't send schematics where everything is located. They told him it was an oven.

Big difference between a wall oven and an oven. So nothing was fixed because he didn't have anything to lift the oven out.
So another week of waiting... peke

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"For Pete's Sake"!!!!!! or is that "For Peke's Sake".


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For Peke's sake and her sanity!

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Today AR called me. They said the repairman does not think he is equipped to repair my double oven.

So...AR is going replace it with another new one. I asked if they are paying for installation too. I haven't heard back yet.

They asked who I purchased it from. I guess they will contact them.

More to come, peke

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Anything resolved with this "Peke"? Hadn't been to the board in a while and suddenly thought of you and your American Range issues. Hoping your saga is over.

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TA DA !!!!!!

I have a brand new working oven installed and it was no cost for me.

Persistance pays off! You just have to talk to the "right" person.

The American Range Double Oven is truly spectacular!

Thanks to all of you for your support and advice.

Woo hoo! I am doing back flips right now...Really! Truly!

Oh darn, my nose is growing!
But at least my oven is working.

peke (my husband is happy since it no longer blows the doors open.)

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I will say congrats!

I actually emailed looking for a dealer in my area. The page for finding a dealer doesn't work on their website. I had a call later that afternoon (twice) and today. Guess she is looking for customers! Might go look but am committed to Wolf and Sub Zero. I can dump the oven, but I hope the frig has no problems, because that is what I really wanted.


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It's now September 10th, and the oven is still working well. I am so glad I stayed with American Range.

Now if my brand new Sharpe microwave oven drawer worked!

Can you believe it! I have horrible luck. This is the 3rd issue. I went through 3 ovens, Sea Pearl messed up, and now broken microwave. They didn't even put the screws in the front panel to hold the electronics in place. They are trying to find a repair person. The closest one to me said they will not drive two hours to repair it. I have a feeling it is because I didn't buy it from them. They asked.


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Hi Peke,
I am having a similarly awful time getting American Range to respond. I posted my issue on Oct. 4 on the other thread:

After months of complaining, I just got the call from Brad at AR that they are sending a replacement. My QUESTION to YOU: How long does it take for your electric oven to heat up to 400? Does the electric oven bake evenly?

By the way - what were the symptoms of your electric oven 'not working'? And do you know what the repair person did to fix it?


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Sorry, Baking mom. I just found this post!

Did you get your oven replaced?

The repair guy never came back to fix it. He told me he would, then called AR and told them he wasn't.

Since my last post, the glass bottom part in the lower electric oven broke. I noticed it one day when cleaning it. I emailed Brad and they sent a new glass to me. It was easy to fix. Unscrew the screws, remove old glass, add new glass, put screws back in. I was careful to not over tighten them.

From what others say about AR and BS and other expensive ovens, it takes a while to heat up. I haven't timed it though. Here is what I found out so far about the ovens.

The electric oven heats with the broiler and bottom part turned on, then the broiler turns off. (AR told me.). So if you put anything in while broiler was still on, it could overcook the top. I also learned that you MUST rotate the pan from back to front or the back cooks faster. Biscuits will be darker in the back. You'd think a high dollar oven would not have this problem. I never had to rotate the pans with my old Frigidaire double oven.

I am thankful to Brad and his boss (VP of marketing for AR) for sending the glass panel, but they did tell me that usually that is NOT a part they replace for free. Why not? It is part of their oven! I just don't understand why AR is not doing something about the quality they are putting out. These ovens should not be broken when they arrive. Peke

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Have had my AR ovens now since November and I'm in a hate/love/ohsh## relationship with them. Love the simplicity, the doors, broiler, and 350F. Take the ovens to 500 (or anything over 400) and everything on the second to bottom rack burns.

The thermostat needed to be replaced on both--this wasn't a problem, had prompt service, etc. but I can't figure out how to stop this bottom burning. I need use of two racks. I double up (and if it fits, triple up) pans. I have baking stones on two racks in one oven but still manage to burn everything on the bottom. And then I feel like the browning on both racks isn't happening.

Wanted to know if you were experiencing this and if you are, what you're doing to resolve it.

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Anytime my pizza stone is in the oven I burn something. I now keep it out of the ovens.

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That's so strange. The stone is doing the opposite of what it's supposed to do. Still, are you able to use lower racks in your AR without burning what you're baking? How do you do this? I am doubling and tripling pans.

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I am dealing with AR for my infrared wall oven. They did the first repair on the upper element under warranty. The bottom element went out after warranty and I fixed it. Next the top element broke again so I contacted them to find out why 2 elements would break in 2 years and got nowhere, so I got the dealer involved and they discounted the part. Now 3 1/2 years int he bottom element broke again. They gave me a part, but refuse to pay for the labor or assure me it will not continue to break. They say they have been more than generous (their words and I have it in writing) and they cannot understand why I am upset. You out there can decide if that is reasonable.

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