New Addition To My 'Jeanne Tree' !

slinkeySeptember 20, 2013

So I come home this afternoon and get the mail
and to my surprise there's a package for me from our dear Karen !
When I open it up, there's this lovely note from
Karen telling me about a little Primitive Angel she saw
that reminded her of our dear Jeanne...and of my
Jeanne Tree. So she sent her my way knowing how perfect
she would be for my tree...and Guess what? She was right.
This little angel looks right at home nestled on the tree.
I love her
Thank you so much Karen for being such an Angel yourself and sending me this lovely gift. I will always treasure it and it's meaning.

Isn't she just the sweetest little Angel and so perfect for the Vine Tree?

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:o) I'm so glad you like the little tin angel. She just had to come live with you once I saw her. Jeanne is such a special lady (and friend), so sweet and caring. An "earth angel" in my book.
It was fun to surprise you too.
hugs, Karen

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Love it! I think we have a couple of "Earth Angels" in our mist.

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This is WONDERFUL! Our 'Jeanne Tree'
with an angel on board. The true meaning
of "Friendship" showing here. I agree with
Janet, I think we have a couple of "Earth Angels"
in our mist.

Karen and Jane, I'm so concerned where
on earth Nana is so I sent an email. Hope
we hear from her soon.

"Friend in need is a friend indeed"


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She is just too cute!

Yup, our forum family is simply the best!


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Jane, the little Angel, Karen sent you, is the perfect addition to your 'Jeanne Tree'.

Our Holiday family is wonderful!!

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Awww...that lil' Angel is very sweet ... perfect on your lovely vine tree, Jane! You did such a great job on that, I am very impressed. My vine tree was 'purchased.'

Yes, Purplemoon, is such a giving person ~~ all her time on the photo albums that she has created for our Holiday Forum ~~ all her sharing & commenting...just love seeing her here!

Good Cyberspace friends ... lots of us! ;-) Jeanne S.

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