shopping Part 1

PurplemoonSeptember 10, 2011

Retail Therapy,,,, Big Time. LOL

From, a rare piece from Demdaco Bennington called The Sleigh Ride. I fell in love with the 'cuteness'.

Retired piece, fairly big, and HEAVY.

From eBay

After a year of searching for this older (2001) Village piece (thank you Candy the Enabler for showing me yours last year!!) one finally came up on eBay! I HAD to have it, and no way will I say what I paid for it with shipping. LOL. I've had two little golf people for years but they had to hang out in front of the Pub cause they had no place to go. LOL. Now they do. In honor of my golf-obsessed Mr Oblivious....

LeMax's Carole Town Village Golf Shop.

Kurt Adler Nutcracker Golfer Ornaments

Little 9 inch high Ganz bear "Bewitched"

Part 2 will hopefully be tomorrow, I still have to take photos of stuff I bought. Thursday I'd stopped in Goodwill and found more. But last Sunday I got a BIG surprise when my daughter suddenly called at noon and said she had some free time and could take me to Home Goods if I could walk it. Heck Yeah!! So off we went and it was great fun. She's so darn busy with her job, her home, her little girls, that's it is really a treat to get out and do something with her. And its been months since I was at Home Goods. But I was a little disappointed this time....lots of neat Halloween stuff, and I came home with more of course. But nothing really neat for Fall like I'd expected.

And "Martha...that's a good thing!" LOL I do NOT need more, but that seldom stops me!

Anyway, I need to pull out all the new stuff from my closet and take photos, then find a place to put it as my poor closet looks like GW and other stores exploded in there. Oh well, who needs clothes.

hugs, Karen

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What great finds. Yup, your golf shop looks just like mine!! Of course, you will have to point it out to Mr. O, LOL!!

Looking forward to seeing the rest of your goodies. Sounds like you had a super time with your very thoughtful daughter.
I'm glad to hear your closets sound like they look like mine (although mine are stuffed with shoes too!!)

When we left town last week it was very hot and very summer-like, we came home to cool evenings and very fall-like weather (it was very chilly and rainy on Wednesday) and it has been down in the low 40's at night. I am so NOT ready for fall!! I know you would probably love it, but I am a summer lover, and am mildly depressed at the thought of losing my summer days. : (


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Candy, you need to 'winter' in Phoenix. We're still having 100 degree days of course, but nights have now returned to normal of 79 after the previous week's heatwave where they stayed in the 90s.

I won't see any Fall weather till around Thanksgiving most likely.

hugs, Karen who's glad your closets are full too

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Karen, happy you have so many new things to share with us. The The Sleigh Ride is so cute and looks like they are having fun.

Mr "O" should love the LeMax's Carole Town Village Golf Shop and Kurt Adler Nutcracker Golfer Ornaments in honor of him.LOL Sweet witch bear and kitty.

So happy you and DD was able to spend a day shopping together. I will be anxiously waiting to see more goodies tomorrow. Hope you will be able to do another shopping spree and find some fall decor.

I'm not ready for the fall season this year which is unusual for me. Must be to busy. I need to do some closet organizing myself too.


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How great your DD could take you shopping.
The sleigh ride is adorable.
The Kurt Adler Golfer ornaments are fun. I'm glad you were able to find The LeMax Golf Shop. Your DH should love them.
The little bear and kitty are cute too. Can't wait to see the next installment.
I'm not ready for Fall either.

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You are such a good shopper! Once you set your mind on finding something, you keep at it until you, don't you? LOL That little golf shop is darling and will look great with your other village pieces. Love the little sledding animals and your cute bear too.

Candy made me laugh when she said you would have to point out the little golf shop to your Mr. O. (Yes, I'm sure she is absolutely right!) LOL


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Luvs, I definitely do go on searches for things on my 'wish list'. It may take time, but eventually I will find some of it. Usually on eBay. LOL. And Candy most definitely was right on with her comment!!
Not only would he never notice it, he really could care less about decor of any kind. Its ok if I do, its ok if I don't. I swear he's married to that golf bag. (Candy, I use to tell friends he had a mistress and she wore a little 'sock' on her head! LOL)

Oh well, I like collecting some golf-themed things just because I know how important the game is to him. And I hope he secretly likes I do that. Mr O. is also known as
'The Quiet Man' or my Silent Partner. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Great therapy, PM! You found some 'honey's!'
I'm sure Mr. O. may be silently impressed. And it's always great to spend time with a DD, too! TFS your CUTE finds! Jeanne S.

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Karen, great finds and so glad you got out with your DD. Last weekend I got to go Yard Saleing with my DD and we had a great time and found quite a few treasures for very little money. I think I told you on the phone she had discovered our forum after I had been telling her about it for ages and all the neat things everybody was doing. Yesterday she had to work and I was making grape jelly. I had to run to the store to get more Sure-Jell and stopped at a couple of YSs on the way. One had a neat set of dishes for only $10-- gold colored with brown trim, ironstone service for 12, with serving pieces, very fall looking. I kept going back and looking at it, but finally talked myself out of it, because DH keeps telling me that my cabinets are so full of heavy stuff that they are going to fall, and I just didn't want to listen to it again. My DD asked me why I didn't buy them for her-- my DD who is so afraid of clutter is getting addicted to dishes just like her Mom. LOL I love your village and the new piece fits your life so good.You have great taste and patience for finding just the right pieces. Can't wait to see what else you found. Prayers, Janet

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Janet I'm so glad you had fun shopping with your DD too. And sounds like you are "training" her right about dishes and our Forum. LOL. Way to go! Its a shame you didn't get the big set of ironstone, sounded pretty and a good buy. But of course the best part was hearing your DD would have taken them.
I hope she joins us someday, meanwhile tell her I think she has a great Mom. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Karen...what a great 'Therapy Session' you had - and even better you got to do some with DD too!
I love the 'Sleigh Ride'..from GW. Glad you found a 'respectiful' place for your two little golf people
to hang out!! Nice find..along with your sweet little Bewitched bear...


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I am glad you got out for some therapy, and extra happy you got to spend some time with your dd.
Love your finds, and look fwd to part 2~

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Marlene Kindred

Lots of cool finds Karen! Love the little statue and I'm so glad you found the golf shop...your poor little golfers were probably pretty tipsy by now! Glad you got to go shopping with your DD and had a nice time together too!

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