Dual Flush Toilets- New House

thephatmanJune 11, 2013

I am thinking of installing dual flush toilets in a new home construction. Has anyone used these? Do they flush as well as regular toilets? Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Toto aquia. It's great.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Totos with cyclone get IT all with just 1.23 gal.per flush. Why mess with #1 or #2 buttons? OBTW nothing flushes like the old 6 gal ones, but we must get used to that. Get a good toilet cleaning brush and you will be fine.


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I did a ton of toilet research. The Aquia is a great choice for dual flush, a highly praised model with huge satisfaction marks at the Terry Love forum (plumbers). If I got a DF it was going to be the Aquia.

I ended up with a Toto Vespin. I decided a skirted, dual cyclone toilet, with Sanigloss was what I wanted and that was the least expensive model that met all my criteria.

Toto is by far the favorite at TL, and well spoken of here too. So far I love my Vespin! It's been about 3 weeks.

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I was obsessed with toilets for a period of time! (Right after cabinet obsession but before paint color) I could not chose between my favorites so I have a Toto Aquila DF in the powder room, a Toto Vespin for the master bath and an American Standard Cadet III in the guest bath. We have not moved in yet but they have all had use over the last month & I would recommend any of them. To your question- the dual flush functions well and is a great idea. I just could not commit to any one toilet throughout the house!

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Toto wall mount in small bath. I have a Toto Aquia in my master. Like both of them.

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My dad is an engineer and my husband an environmental attorney. Between the two of them I get a ton of opinions about efficiency and what is worthwhile. My dad convinced us to not get the dual flush and to a 6'er before they are discontinued, in I think about 6 months or another year. My dad said that the super efficient toilets tend to have more clogs because there is often not enough water force to get stuff down.

I ended up getting a Toto and think their flush systems are pretty powerful. So if you do get a low flush or dual flush, I would go with a Toto. I also like that they are mostly made in USA, whereas American Standards are from Mexico I believe.

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