First round of Fall Decor

milosmom_gwSeptember 3, 2012

Yes ... it's still in the 90s here , but I'm so over summer. Time to add some color. lol

The table ..

The china cabinet..

Much to DHs horror , I recently hauled home another "less than ept" find similiar to the ill looking end table I refurbished to put the Christmas tree on this year.

This one was MUCH worse however *lol*. The veneer had peeled in several places , it was missing one whole drawer , another drawer didn't have a front , it had water damage , a few of the drawer supports were broken and half of the handles were missing. Hubs rolled his eyes but I had a plan *lol*. It was the perfect size to replace the worn out pieces in our bathroom.

After much love and care , here it is now..

Recently "revived" deserves a bit of decoration to...

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MM, everything is looking marvelous. I'm lovin' the red you added with your fall decor. The china cab is gorgeous with all the pumpkins, nuts, flowers and lights on.

Sounds like alot of hard worked went into restoring the buffet. It turned out beautiful! So glad you saved another piece of furniture from ending up in the landfill.

I'm so not ready for summer to end but enjoyed your fall decor. It's time to start thinking fall so thanks for getting it started! I'm still tired from spending a week at the fair but will recover soon and kick it in gear.LOL


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Love the warm glow in your hutch & that bathroom piece came out great. With all it's problems you would never know it now, just looks like it got a fresh coat of paint. Yes, time for fall & Christmas, help!! Jan

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Marlene Kindred

I'm with you....I am SO over summer and this stifling heat! Love your fall decor and your hutch is gorgeous! Nice job on the buffet you renovated for your must have a huge bathroom to put something that big!

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Love the colors you used for your tablesetting.
They certainly speak 'Fall' ! Very pretty...I can hear
the crackling of the fire !! lol
Your hutch looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!
Love the display in it. All your pretty Fall Decor has me
looking forward to the end of Summer too...kind of...only cause
I HATE Snow~and 'that' I'm not looking foward to!

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Beautiful, MM ...the season is upon us! Very beautiful t'scape ... but your china cabinet is what grabs my attention! Wow! Love the pumpkins (all lit up, too) & the mums! Your refurbished find is remarkable! The tray display looks great! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Love love love your hutch! Looks gorgeous and so does the table looks so inviting. I, too, am just so done with summer but just can't bring myself to bring out the fall decor while we're still in the high 80's to low 90's.

I think you have inspired me!

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I know I posted a reply a couple of days ago but it appears the 'puter gremlins ate it.
TY everyone. I'm really enjoying this setting since everything outside has been dead and brown for months. Nice to see color for a change.
It's still hotter than blue blazes here but surely it'll cool sooner or later (and then I'll be griping about
Marlene: I'm very lucky in that the prior owner who remodeled my house believed in bathrooms with space. Mine is 12' x 14'. The wall the new refurbished piece is sitting against is the bump in for the closet of the bedroom behind it. I'd rather it wasn't there but I do like closet space to so it's a compromise. lol

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Fabulous as always.
The hutch is my fav, and you have certainly captured the essence of fall!
However, I am not ready to give up on summer yet! Even though we had a record setting hot summer, I am still a summer lover. I do like the fall/Halloween decorations, but I have to coax myself into moving into that decor, LOL

Yours is so striking and the "new" bathroom piece was a super save. Now you have another piece to decorate, WooHoo! You almost make me want to start fall decorating.
Almost, but for now I am just going to enjoy yours and then when I am finally ready, I will come back here for inspiration!

You have such a pretty collection of pumpkins in that hutch. I always love how you decorate the hutch to go with your other decor. What a lot of work, but so appreciated!!


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MM, I am thrilled to see some Fall colors!! There will be none here in Phoenix till I unpack mine. LOL. Tho it must be nearing Fall, our temps are dropping all the way down to the 90s this week (highs. 80's for lows). You've inspired me to not wait till the OFFICIAL first day of Fall, I am thinking I need to get my stuff out sooner after seeing how yours looks. I stay in love with that black hutch and all its various decor splendor thru-out the year!!

As for the latest project with that dresser....HOW THE HECK DO YOU PERFORM SUCH MIRACLES with furniture that most everyone would give up on and toss out??? Has to be magic!
And a ton of work of course. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Karen : Nothing majical , I'm just a big ol glutten for punishment. LOL
Actually,when I was married the first time ~Young ,just barely making ends meet broke and raising a baby taught me to be creative and make something (less) , better.
Time has brought many changes but I still buy very few things new. I still enjoy redoing pieces , more out of fun than neccessity.

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