This is both frustrating and important

ilmbgFebruary 21, 2014

I understand Yahoo has been having problems, especially the past few days. When I called Apple Support because I could not get mail to go through, I was told that Apple had been getting many calls that day with the same problem.
Now it is random.
Using gmail did not help. Neither did Aol- my friend did not get any mail, then about 50 came at once.
Sometimes it is taking 24 hours for the mail to get through.

This is causing problems for me as a Board member for our housing community...
When an email fails to go through, and I get a 'failed' notice, I have no idea which mail it was, as the returned is entirely encrypted!
I know WHO I sent it to, but that does not help, as I send many to that person. The subject is also encrypted.
This causes problems because the property manager can say she never got an email about the problem.
My 'sent' shows that everything has been sent. There is nothing left over in my 'outbox'.
What a mess...

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There are few things that need to be checked such as is this a problem only your network? Meaning do other members of your community have this problem. Do people on a different network have this problem ie ask a friend who uses a different network. Furthermore, do you have a virus/firewall protection on your mac? Have you tried a different computer/device. Ultimately, this issue comes down to figure out which sever or if it is your computer directly that is causing the problem.

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I had problems with gmail and yahoo after trying twice and quit both, to many problems. I use Windows Live mail and set it up so my server's mail is sent there. I have never had a problem. I did not like the 2 inches of options on top of the mail, so I set up the quick access bar by clicking and dragging what I wanted on to the bar and closed the reg bar.

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I use incredimail for about 15 yrs. or since it hit the internet, the Free version and never ever had a problem, plus it's very kewl!

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