Blues and Greens, still summer here!

kathleen_liSeptember 16, 2010

One more summery table outside before I drag out the Fall things.

Thanks for looking! Jane, thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Blues and Greens Table

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I just came from viewing your "last hurrah." I can't believe how many summer tables you've put together these past few weeks.
The blues and greens go so well together. Rather soothing, really. Although I love to eat fish, I'm not much of a fish-motif person, so I much prefer the beaded napkin rings. The plaid napkins are perfect for the table.

Did you collect all those shells over the years? I've seen some great Christmas tables using sea shells that were done by people who live near the water. A person wouldn't think they'd belong on a table in December, but they were real sparkly and just seemed so natural. Have you ever used them for Christmas decorations?

It's still pretty warm here. Pulling out the fall stuff seems a little premature. I ran into Luvs at a big craft show this morning. They had tons of Halloween stuff. It did give me the itchie-twichies to start thinking about October Tables. So, like you, I'll get movin' on Fall.

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kathleen...your summery table is very pretty! I love the variation of round mats & napkin rings & the blue/green color scheme. I can almost see the summer breeze in your lovely seashell/plant centerpc. And the vibrant blue of your glassware is gorgeous (I love the pitcher!) That summer breeze is prompting a toast to all, "Here's to the end of summer & the beginning of a bountiful fall!" TFS! Jeanne S.

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Love the pretty colors in those napkins, Kathleen, and what a great buy! Your whole table looks so cool, calm, and relaxing--a perfect tribute to the last days of summer.


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What a beautiful color combination!!
It is still wonderful here in the daytime, but the nights are getting very chilly!
So glad you can still eat outside.
It looks very sea-like and soothing. I am sure the food tasted better because the table was so great!!


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I commented last night..but will comment again..
Everything is just...lovely...breezy and inviting..
I feel as though Summer just began, and now it's gone.
As I look at this table, I'm thinking that I'm already missing all your lovely outdoor Summer scapes...


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STILL summer here too, Kathleen. LOL. Temps 105 and will be like that thru most of next week they are saying. Ugh.
But inside its a lot like Fall. ;o)

What a PRETTY table!! As always. There is no limit to your creativity when it comes to tables...and cooking. You know I stay in awe of all that stuff with you!! I especially love your color choice, blues and greens are so soothing and 'cool' looking to me. I've always loved them. When I got first got married, that was a color scheme thru-out our first little house.
Since I'm an 'outdoor' kinda girl, those colors will always be appealing to me.
hugs, Karen

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Kathleen, what a wonderful table I can feel the ocean breezes! NanaKaren

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Without a doubt, you are a true artist, Kathleen. I love to see your tables (and your foods), because they are such a delight to the eye. They're never too busy, loaded down with so much bric-a-brac so that actually eating there would be a chore. Instead, they look artistically done with great imagination . . . and good taste!

I absolutely love this latest table of yours. The colors are soothing and fresh and has the feel of a seaside porch lunch. I'll be right over!

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Sorry I am late getting back. We had a new frig delivered and it took forever to empty the old one that they took away and reload, and then of course cleaning, painting, etc! One thing begets another!

Thank you all for your kind comments!

OA, no, I got them in one swoop, there are tons of them. I took smaller ones too. I soak them in clorox, let them dry, and then you can paint them. I want to try a few of those scallop shells made into angel ornaments this year.
I made a wreath with them, but never did a whole tree or table with them at Christmas.

Karen, when I got married I wish I had picked blues and greens. I did the dreaded orange, brown gold thing! I can't stand orange to this day! ( well, I lie, for Halloween it is ok! )

Lynn, you are very kind. And I would love all of you to be able to come for lunch!
Jeanne, Luvs, Jane, Nana and Candy, again I appreciate your kind comments.

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Kathleen, loved this blue and green table. Very refreshing and your napkins are wonderful with the dishes. Really liked both napkin rings on this table.

Hope you enjoy your new frig.


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