Made a Purple Witch Tree

phonegirlSeptember 18, 2010

DGD didn't get to come and stay with us this weekend since she has a soccer game tomorrow. So...I decided to spray paint one of my Christmas trees plum colored. I may be able to use it for Easter too.

I called DGD and told her I was making a Witch Tree and ask if I could borrow her little witch I gave her last year to sit by it. Her reply was "you know that's my sister." I ROTFL Then she said "when would you give her back?"

Talked with DD later and she said she played with her the rest of the day like she was going to miss her.LOL Her sister is the lg green witch in the center of my last year's table. I'll post so you can all see her.

Here are a few pictures of my purple tree I painted today in case anyone wants to see it. I added pink and orange lights and my Halloween cookie cutters for decorations.

I couldn't get my witch tree topper to stay on the top so used this ugly looking one to sit on the top.

It looks better in real life. I will see what DGD thinks of her table and tree tomorrow.


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Oh my word, Punk! You are unbelievable! A purple witch could I not love it!! Tho I'm not sure I'd want that big ol' ugly witch on top staring at me every day. LOL. By the way, the witch with the broom that's standing against the wall on the right of the tree in the first photo, looks like she might have a sweet face. Does she?
I like her a lot. You've got quite a collection of witches,
I'll have to share this with my (grown) DD as she puts them on her mantle for Halloween-Fall decor.

I LOVED hearing about your little DGD and the big green witch being her sister. Too funny, and totally cute.
She will sure love your tree.

Would you believe, I have a purple tree! A couple of years ago I bought one of the little 3 ft table ones at Walmart. Its that shiny, tinsel type. I didn't use it last year, and this year was thinking about letting my littlest DGD decorate in her room with it. I also have a shiny bright green tinsel one. My littlest DGD loves purple (and pink).
She's 6, and her 8 yr old sister loves green. They've never had a tree in their bedrooms, and I asked my DD if they could this year, I thought they'd enjoy my two little trees and picking out their own decos for them.

Now you've got me thinking purple tree for Halloween AND Easter. LOL, thanks a lot.

hugs, Karen

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What a great collection of witches you have! And what a fun idea to make a Halloween tree too! If I remember right from last year's posts, you really enjoy decorating for Halloween, don't you? Loved the story about little GD's green witch--kids are so fun!


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LOL, punk! Love your GD's chat with you about the witch! Looks like you had alot of fun with your tree project even by yourself! LOL! Owwwwww, those witches! Creepy critter you have on top there! Keep having fun! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Whoa! I can't believe you spray painted that whole tree. What a job. Did you just use spay cans or do you have a sprayer?

Nice collections of witches, too.

Sounds like you have a pretty special relationship with your granddaughter.

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What a fun tree! You really do have a lot of witches. It would seem that we have a lot to look forward to with your Halloween decorations.
Sounds like you have a lot of fun with that holiday.

I put out my fall decor first, then add Halloween decor when Oct. hits, and then change the jack o lanterns to turkeys in Nov.
The day after Thanksgiving, the North Pole blows up at my house!! Everything gets decorated, LOL. Of course, it takes a bit to put away all of the fall decor, which is just in the way then and I am asking myself, "why did I put out all of this fall stuff, that I have to remove before I can decorate for Christmas?"
And then the next fall, I put out all of the fall decor again. DUH!


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Karen, you just made me remember that I bought DGD the 4ft lilac tree at JoAnn's a few years ago. Maybe I can borrow that instead of her sister.LOL Hope you and your DGD enjoy the colored trees.

The witch on the right side is being very naughty (she is my tree topper) that won't stay on w/o fall off. Here's a close up of her.

I still have alot more witches but need to go dig them out. Interesting story my MIL told me today. She was talking to a lady that cleans up after fires and she said everyone so far has had a kitchen witch in it.Dododo

Luvs, you have a great memory. I did do alot of decorating last year for Halloween. I donated some of my decorations and hope to get through the rest and donate what I don't put up. Haven't talked with DGD today so don't know how her game went. Thought they might come down but so far, no show or call.

Jeanne, she is kinda creepy, especially after hearing DMIL story. I will keep all of them out of the KITCHEN. DGD is so special and she is so sincere. I ask her if she was starting kindergarten this year and she said NO. So I said "maybe you will learn your ABC's and learn to count to 100 if you go to preschool again." She looked at me and said "Nana, really, are you kidding?" I got that award over 2 years ago.

OA, it took 2 cans of Krylon spray paint. We do have a Wagner sprayer but I rattle canned it in no time at all. I thought it might be blobby and stick together put it's nice and I'm still able to fluff it.

I only have 2 gkids and wish I had a dz. Since she is the only one around, I try to spend alot of quality time with her. I haven't seen our gson for 5 years. I just send lots of gifts and put money in his savings acct.

Thanks ladies and I will get back to reading all your posts. It's been busy on here or I'm slowing down.


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Wow, punk, your purple witch tree is awesome! but you're starting way too early for me. I still need a lot more summer here!

What exactly is a kitchen witch? I don't want one! And it's sad that you haven't seen your grandson for so long. :(

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Kitchen Witches are supposed to be good luck! Sure doesn't sound like it now tho. I use to see lots of cute ones at craft shows and had one myself a long time ago.
Party, they are just little witches you hang or sit somewhere in your kitchen.

Punk, I'm sorry you haven't seen your little GS in such a long time. But very happy for that little girl who sounds like she keeps you very entertained.

Candy, you do things that way just because its the RIGHT way. LOL. At least in the Book of Karen. I do exactly the same thing!! Including asking myself "why". ;o)

hugs, Karen

"Wear cute pajamas, you never know who you'll meet in your dreams."

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Oh Wow Punk....
This is a 'first' for me...seeing a Purple Witch Tree.
You did an awesome job, and I think it turned out great.
That one on the top a bit scarey for me..
You certainly have some witch collecton, and you say you have 'more to dig out' !!
I thought that was the cutest conversation with your DGD.
'Her Sister' !! LOL too funny.
She sounds like a real 'Fire Cracker'..It's good that you can spend that time with her Punk...those are the memories that will be important to her one day.


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Punk, your table is fun, I never would have thought to have a purple witch tree. The withes are great scary or cute I love them all. How old is your DGD? I"m sure you are having a wonderful time with her. NanaKaren

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Your spray painted tree turned out great. You really do have lots of Halloween decorations and the witches are great! How lucky you are to have such a sweet DGD.

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LOL @ Karen's "Wear cute pajamas..." :O)

Thanks for explaining the kitchen witches. I've never seen one or heard of them (in that context. lol!). I'm not getting one for myself!

I saw the cutest porch decor the other day that included two large witches. I should go try to get a photo of it...

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That looks great! Your dgd must love coming to play!
Now, Karen, you must have a purple tree!

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Wow! Those are WONDERFUL displays! very creative and unusual -- and you've thought of every detail... love the rat! and the cat!!! It's like out of a movie set. Wherever did you find such items?! Is there a giant caldron brewing something noxious in the center of the room?! lol!

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I'm sorry punk/folks! I was trying to post the above to nana's topic and my stuff got re-routed here. I don't know what's going on, but I'll shut up before the wrong thing gets said in the wrong place. LOL!

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