Miele oven foe baking desserts.

DevinRMay 8, 2013

Would love to hear your experiences with your Miele ovens on how well they do in baking desserts. (Even browning, holding temperature etc.) It is for baking desserts I will use the ovens mostly for. Love to hear and will very much appreciate your input.
Warm regards, Devin.

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I am on my 2nd set of Miele Ovens in the last 12 years (2 houses, 2 different sets). I LOVE the looks, total ease of use...I mean So easy to use and operate! But...I do not think they are fantastic for baking. Cookies come out pretty great actually, but cakes always come out wet in the middle and too dry on the edges. Everytime. It is awesome for chickens, turkeys and roasts though, and the SpeedOven is just totally incredible!!!

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Larsi, which Miele oven do you have and what mode do you use for cakes?

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@ wekick...My Miele oven is the full size Master Chef 30" H4880 BP and my SpeedOven is the Master Chef H4080 BM. I did complain to Miele about the long preheat time and inconsistent baking results, and after 2 service visits, they did replace the master "motherboard". Preheating is super fast, and baking is somewhat better....but I think Miele ovens' strong points are foods, not baking! Miele service was excellent!! and in general the ovens have been virtually flawless.

Also have the Miele 36" Induction Cooktop (I will NEVER own gas again!!!!), Miele vent hood, Miele La Perla dishwasher, Miele warming drawer, Miele full size washer and dryer and 2 Miele vacuums. Love them all!!!

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Larsi, what mode did you use for cake?

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Cake...It is either surround or bake.

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Larsi, thank you very much for sharing your experience with your Miele ovens. When baking cakes, do you use convection or standard baking? The reason why I am asking is that I when I bake on convection, cakes oftentimes burn on the outside while the interior is still not thoroughly baked.

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Larsi, There could be several things happening or a combination of things that could account for you cakes coming out like that.

I was wondering too if you were using convection.
That would cause the outside to cook faster and be drier. Even in using the surround mode, without convection, it changes the way a cake will bake because you are bringing heat from the top. With standard bake, the heat comes mainly from the bottom, cooking the cake from the bottom. Most recipes are based on the standard bake. "Convection bake" can vary quite a bit brand to brand. Some have a much lowered fan speed but others do not.

The second thing might be that the temperature of the oven is off. It could be calibrated wrong or it could be that the temperature has too much variation. This is something you can check using an oven thermometer and watch over time. Of course the oven thermometer has to be right. Some people do a test by baking a cake mix, brand name, exactly by package directions on standard, non convection bake. Even if you had repair people there, it does not mean the temp is right especially over time. Your computer boards could still be faulty.

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I bake cake all the time in the oven. But I use convection bake or intensive. Convection bake even works well even for bundt cakes which are fairly dense. Trailrunner uses it for pizza though I use intensive for that, puff pastry or quiche.

Bake is OK for bread with a baking stone or perhaps brownies or bar cookies unless there are multiple racks. I rarely use surround except for something like a casserole that needs to brown on top.

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Here's the procedure for calibrating the Miele ovens.

Calibrate the Oven

Calibrate the oven by selecting âÂÂBakeâ and using the number key pad to set the temperature to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Immediately press and hold the âÂÂBakeâ pad until âÂÂ00â is shown on the display. Release the "Bake" button, and use the key pad to enter in the desired temperature adjustment in 5-degree increments. Wait for the display to return to normal.

Read more: Calibrating a Miele Oven : eHow http://www.ehow.com/info_12149588_calibrating-miele-oven.html#ixzz2T5BjFyQ1


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I am going out to purchase a thermometer based on what I have read here. We have two Miele ovens, and I cannot bake in them. The times are way off, cookies seem to melt rather than bake. I have trouble that I have never had before with cakes and desserts as well. There is just no telling if it has cooked in the centre. Very, very disappointing and expensive. I guess we have to call repair.

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