my metal wall planter 'quiz' LOL

PurplemoonSeptember 11, 2011

I want to do a Fall floral in it, but really not sure what direction to go with it. Literally. All draping and low,

or going up with tall things like faux cattails and such, or doing both. Help! Advice needed. I spent a long time last night looking at images on google of Fall arrangements, and tho I liked a lot of them, just didn't quite see one that hit me for this metal basket. I'm not sure what faux florals I have packed away, but probably will need to buy some for this once I know what I'm doing.

(my dear friend Kirk (who posts here sometimes) sent me some real, wild turkey feathers last Dec. He lives in WA, and they come to his yard. I definitely will use them in an arrangement.

Metal wall basket from Goodwill

And then there's this metal Whatzit ? stand, from Goodwill

last year. I don't know what it was for, or what I want to do with it. Including maybe paint it some color??? The only thing I could find while browsing Christmas stuff was a similar tall thing filled with good-sized ornament balls. But I never did figure out how to decorate with it last year, so if you have any suggestions, they would be VERY welcome!

Just for the heck of it, here's a close-up of the rusty candle stand from an earlier picture. Its done kind of like ribbons and a bow. Somebody did a lot of work to make it. I probably will put it on my front porch with a pumpkin on top. Not sure yet. But I thought it was neat.

hugs, Karen

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For your Hanging Wall about filling it with leaves...and adding a pile of small pumpkins and gourds.
This summer, I bought a couple of sets of battery - lighted tall branches.. that I think would look nice in your tall wire could mix in faux leaf branches too..and for Christmas - they also have white lighted branches. Just a thought.
You have some nice things to 'play' with...


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Karen, so many neat wire things to play with. The wall hanger would be neat with some vines, or garland trailing down from some flowers and maybe some moss in the basket. You could place a figurine in it too.

I like Janes idea with the lights. Corn stalks and pumpkins would be neat for fall with it. This would work for an umbrella stand.LOL

Neat wired bow. Looks fallish and I like the idea of adding pumpkins. A fall garland would be pretty with it. Cute spider web stacker. Is that a candle holder on the other side?

Will be fun to see how you decorate with all these items.


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Yesterday at church someone had made a beautiful arangement of fall flowers for the alter table. It was silk mums in shades of oranges, burgandys, yellows, rusts with greenery and then it had some very pretty eye catching little shimmery leaves?? that caught the light and really made it pop. I ment to go take a closer look at it after services, but got to talking and forgot about it. It was a really full arangement and when I saw it ,my thought was I'm going to have to go to Dollar Tree or Michaels and try to make one simular. Your wall basket is so neat. I"m sure you will find just the right thing. Janet

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It looks like an umbrella stand to me, with the try on bottom to catch the water?????

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Marlene Kindred

Well, the florist in me says to use the turkey feathers for height (if they're long enough) with a few cattails, then fill in with autumn colored flowers and some trailing bittersweet or something similar. Tuck in a few fall leaves and there you have it. I would take some moss and line the basket and put some floral foam in the middle first.

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Kathleen, you may be right about it being an umbrella stand. I don't even have an umbrella, never rains enough.
Punk, yes the little metal thing on left is the candle holder (two birdnests) from Home Goods.
Janet, if I don't have any shimmery leaves in my packed Fall floral, I'll get some. They would really catch the light from the chandelier over my kitchen table! little genious! I never thought about the lighted branches in that tall stand! My DDIL even bought me some last year. Mine plug in but that's ok. But if I put them in there, with leaves/garland type around them, it might look really neat. I have a small round glass table top that could even go on top of it and then I could decorate that with something!

Marlene, both tall and trailing sounds great to me. Especially as there is a light switch under it I'd like to hide (shows in photo from other post). And I do love cattails. I'm not sure how long the turkey feathers are, they are packed, but they'd look good and hopefully Jazz wouldn't find them 'up' there. Especially if the top of the teacart has decor on it to discourage him from napping there as he's now doing.

I just knew you guys would be full of ideas to help me! I was especially stumped with the tall stand thing. I still might paint it, maybe the ORB that is so popular with bloggers on stuff. (oil rubbed bronze, spray paint, by Rustoleum I think. I've used it before and like it a lot).

I just realized while ago how MANY posts I've had going lately!! Sheeesh, I'm hogging the Forum it seems. I didn't mean to do that.
hugs, Karen

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Karen...your posts are FUN to read - NEVER thought of as
'hogging' the Forum...Keep em coming...what would we
do w/o you!!
Glad you thought our ideas were helpful for you..
At times we all need a good 'sparking' to get those creative juices going, and what other place to get it - but here!!


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Karen, I thought that tall metal piece might be an umbrella stand too.
I look forward to your posts. You always find the best things to share with us! Don't stop!!

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Even if the tall metal piece is an umbrella stand, doesn't mean you couldn't do some other things with it. It's a nice shape, maybe perfect for one of those tall tree branches that you could decorate with the seasons. Also, instead of faux plants and trees, now there are lots of "stick" or "tall grass" looking arrangements.

The wall sconce is so pretty, try for an open, airy arrangement so the pretty metal will still show through. We will all have to look for some idea pics for you!

So glad you are having some fun with your new treasures.


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Bummer, PM, if that 'bus' was passing thru I would load some Curly Willow branches on it for your umbrella stand! And besides that, I would even climb my neighbor's barbed wire fence & cut you some corn stalks & ears of corn (shhhh...don't spread that around!) LOL!...but, since that bus hasn't been by my way, I guess I'll just say to use a 40% coupon at HLobby & add some tall stuff from their floral dept!

I love everything you showed here...& lots of great ideas...I really like using the branch lights & mine will be going up this mo. too. A pumpkin will look GRAND on that rusty ribbon thingy! Have fun! Always enjoy your posts! Jeanne S.

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I know these are not metal baskets, but you could do something similar:


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I guess I did that wrong. I will try to post the image. If this doesn't work, just copy & paste the url in your address bar.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks, Bliz! Those are wonderful. If I did something like that, it would still let the metal show like Luvs suggested. I've copied and saved these pictures so when I go thru my florals I'll know what might work.

I had intended to pull out my Fall stuff yesterday and work on decorating this weekend. My Fibro had other ideas, so I did nothing. Well, actually I think I sulked
and whined a bit. LOL.
Maybe tomorrow....
hugs, Karen

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