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nyrgirl35May 2, 2014

Can someone explain to me the difference between a 120 and 240 speed oven. I mean obviously I know the 240 is more powerful but does it have to do with just speed of cooking? I was considering the Bertazzoni 24" speed oven but I'm apprehensive do to the lack of reviews. I believe my only other option in 24" is a Miele I would also consider a 27" but don't really want to go to a 30" size. I've seen that the GE monogram speed oven comes in 27" but it's 120 where as the Bertazzoni is 240. I have to say as far as the Miele I would only consider the classic chef not master chef do to price, and all in all I don't really like the look of the Miele.

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My understanding is that a speed oven needs 240 power if it has several functions that operate at the same time. I've been looking at the Bosch benchmark microwaves -- the one that combines microwave with convection is 120 power, but when you add a broiler function (which presumably can work at the same time as the microwave and convection) it requires 240 power. As for width - the cavity for these speed ovens look really small, and I think their nominal width is really just window dressing.

Now the Miele -- I really LOVE its look, but its price tag, not so much.

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The power difference for a speed oven is SPEED. Back when we were first seeing a lot of 240s, that was the report. Just comparing Advantiums, the 240 was really, significantly faster. Think 600w blow dryer vs. 1200w blow dryer. :)

Some of the size of the housing is for the works. There are lot of gizmos in a speed oven. Some might be to bring it to standard sizes. It's not like the Gaggenau steam ovens, however, where the inner dimension is the same in both 24" and 30", and the latter is offered just to match up with a conventional oven.

It's my understanding that there are only a few actual makers of microwaves in the world. Most are made by Sharp, Panasonic, and maybe GE? Something like that. Odds are that if you buy the Bertazzoni, you're really getting a tried and true Asian machine with pretty B. housing and their choice of specs, like the power. Of all things, I'd be least worried about their speed oven. You can check with a chatty repairman to make sure.

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I think I'm leaning towards the GE Monogram 120, I hope I won't be disappointed. I don't care as much about the speed, just would like a MW, toaster oven in one for day to day use. And It would be nice to have second oven durning holidays.

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nyrgirl35 I feel like we're putting together similar kitchens at the same time on different coasts. :)

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The difference between the Advantium 120 and 240 is more than it seems - the 240 has not just twice but four times as much power available to it than the 120. That's because the 240 model runs on a 30 amp circuit rather than the 120's 15 amp. Since watts = volts x amps, the Advantium 240 can access up to 7200 watts, but the 120 only 1800 watts.

This makes a big difference when you use the speedcook function. As GE points out, the speedcooking on the 240 is twice as fast as on the 120. What GE doesn't make clear is that the 120 also relies much more on microwaves to cook than the 240 does. According to GE's published specifications, the 240's halogen speedcooking lamps are almost 5x more powerful than the 120's (2400 watts vs. 500), whereas the microwave power it's combined with when speedcooking is about the same, around 950 watts depending on model. So food speedcooked in an Advantium 120, besides taking twice as long to cook, will have a bit more of that soggy microwaved texture.

When used as a plain microwave or convection oven, the 120 and 240 aren't much different. When used for standard baking, the 120 actually offers separate upper (700w) and lower (375w) heating elements rather than the single 500w element in the 240. So basically if you use the Advantium mostly for the conventional cooking mode and/or as a microwave oven, the Advantium 120 works fine, but for high-speed cooking the Advantium 240 is substantially faster and cooks better.

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Cal quail, haha that's great let's see what my next dilemma will be maybe you can relate :)

So I guess if I want it for my second smaller oven (being I'll have a 36" range) and I don't use MW often, I should go with the 240!
Which in 24" size leaves me with the Bertazzoni or Miele. I know a lot of ppl swear by Miele but I have also seen a ton of complaints and one that seems everyone complains about is keeping it clean (which would drive me nuts) also I feel the Miele has more of a sleek modern look which my kitchen is NOT! So that leaves the Bertazzoni which I can't find much of any reviews good or bad. The one thing that I did see was a YouTube video on it by Purcell Murray who recommends it and from what I hear Purcell Murray is highly regarded!
Fingers crossed!!

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There's also this one from Italian manufacturer SMEG, which is 24"w, and 240V/20A. Has microwaves, a heated convection fan, and an overhead broiling ("grill") element, although it looks like you can only use two of the three at the same time.

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Just wondering if you made a decision nyrgirl35. I am struggling with this. I have an old kenmore 24" wall oven and I am thinking of replacing it. I would like to do a speed oven and a regular oven. I am thinking this would replace the microwave are have over the cooktop (then I can get a real vent) and the toaster oven on the counter to free up some space.

I also love the idea of baking potato chips or fries quickly for the kids in the speed oven (as well as other things)

I have read the Miele is difficult to clean. I wonder about the others....

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