Estate Sale

creativeangelSeptember 19, 2010

The first weekend of each month a local antique gallery holds an estate sale.

They set up tables of different prices...





On Friday everything is as priced.

On Saturday everything is 40% off priced.

On Sunday everything is 70% off priced.

These are my $5.00 table finds - 70% so I paid $1.50 each.

The three little green salt cellars were my 'find of the day.'

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These are from the $1.00 table -- 30 cents each.

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I am loving those green cabbage leaf lidded bowls in the first pic!

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How neat an antique place has a sale like that. I'd love to go. You got some neat goodies! The little salt cellars are wonderful. And the cabbage bowls!

hugs, Karen

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Great Buys...better than YS prices.
Wonder how they make a profit.

I too love those cabbage bowls..


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Wow, those are all terrific acquisitions! I wish we had a place like that around here!!!

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That is amazing that they part with such nice "goodies" at those fantastic prices! I see you got a neat cake slice cutter, and some really pretty glass pieces. The cabbage bowls are my fav too.


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Profit - This is my understanding of how it works.

There is a group of people that have 'booths' at the antique gallery that do estate sales.

They go in the homes, price everything, advertise, and hold a 3-day sale. They get paid a percentage of what is sold.

What is left they bring to this HUGE warehouse behind the antique gallery. They have this once a month sale. They get a percentage of what is sold.

On Monday morning, auctioneers come in and place bids on everything that is left over. They sell to the highest bidder and get a percentage on what is sold.

They sell everything from furniture, pictures, records, comic books, vintage clothing, linens, lawn/garden items, etc. The only thing I can never remember seeing is appliances.

Within the month, they average 10-12 estate sales, have the 3 day warehouse sale, sell to the auctioneers and everything is gone.

I think it's a pretty smart setup.

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