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azpenJune 15, 2012

I'd like to put a medicine cabinet in my guest bathroom but I'm not sure what's the best location. I can't put it in front of the sink or on the side of the vanity since there's plumbing on those walls. Would it look too busy on the opposite wall since I will have a plain mirror mounted on top of the sink? I also have this piece of wall just right of the entrance door to the bathroom (you can see it on the right edge of the picture. The light switch is on that wall and barely made it in the picture). That just fits the medicine cabinet but if the medicine cabinet door is left open the entrance door could hit it (potential for disaster?). What do you think?

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It looks like you have quite a bit of storage in the vanity. Do you really need a medicine cabinet in a guest bathroom?

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Well it's actually going to be a kids bathroom in the future, and it's used pretty often since it's close to living room, kitchen, and dining room. It's also the only other bathroom in the house besides the master bathroom. Good point to evaluate whether I need it though. =)

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I think the answer would be different depending on weather you plan on recessing it?

If you don't plan on recessing it, I used the cabinet below from ikea for a similar bathroom solution (there is also a mirrored version). They offer a lot of storage, and if you stack two on top of each other it would look more like it belonged in the room.

Here is a link that might be useful: Godmorgan bathroom cabinet

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There's plumbing in both walls?? Hmm.

Seems you don't really need the extra space. But if anything, I'd install a recessed one on the side. That way kids can fix their hair, etc. with two adjacent mirrors working together to provide a side view, so to speak.

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I do plan to recess the medicine cabinet. There's plumbing in front of the sink and immediately to the right of the sink. The reason why the wall is sticking out like that right of the entrance door is due to shower from the other bathroom (that's why there's plumbing to the right of the sink too).

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There is no plumbing on the wall opposite of the sink (left of the picture) and on the little piece of wall immediately to the right of the door (right edge of picture before you see the sink). =)

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