Range + cabinet placement question

CWirickMay 30, 2012

Hi all,

We're finishing a new home and I'm not sure what to do about our kitchen situation. Cabinets are from IKEA, so we're stuck with their standard sizes. I have a 60" set of cabinets on either side of the range. The cabinets are flush with a wall bump-out on the right side. On the left side it is open to the entry hall. If I put the left cabinets flush with the left wall behind it, I have 38+" remaining for a 36" range. Which would give me a little more than an inch of space on either side of the range. I could move the left cabinets tight against the range and eliminate the gaps on both sides, but the result would be the left cabinets would not be flush with the wall edge behind it. There would be a 2" piece of wall to the left of the cabinets. So what's the best option: small gap between range and cabinets or cabinets that are flush with one wall but (slightly) not the other?

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If it were me I'd probably try to equalize the space on both sides of the range and live w/a bit of wall poking beyond the cab. You could run the counter and b/s to the edge of the wall then visually it probably wouldn't be very noticeable, if at all.

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The Ikeafans forum talks about matching trim pieces to deal with gap spaces.

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