Combo shower door bar or towel hook?

azpenJune 15, 2012

I'm installing a frameless shower door and am debating between installing a combo towel bar/handle on the door vs a hook on the stationary glass perpendicular to the door. I get cold coming out of the shower it's nice to have easy access to my towel. I think the combo handle doesn't look as nice, but am worried that the towel would fall easily from the hook. There are also 2 kinds of hooks to choose from - one that needs a hole in the glass or another that just installs on the top edge of the glass. Thank you!!

Here is a link that might be useful: hook choices

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Do you have the shower door already as that will make your decision easier?

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No I don't have the door made yet. Since it's tempered glass I don't think you can drill holes in it once it's made. Thanks!

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That was gong to be my point as from your post I was not certain of that but your a step ahead of me. As far as which to use I have no clue just wanted to make certain you knew about the tempering.

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I just had another idea that I could have a knob pull on the other side of the towel bar. There's one that's 3/4" in diameter just like the towel bar. Anyone has one and can tell me if it's easy to use?

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