Couldn't pass this up!!

christmascandySeptember 5, 2013

I walked into one of my regular TS's and they had this vintage wicker doll carriage behind the counter where they keep the more valuable items. It was so cute and when I asked the price, it was $14.99!!!! I had a 50% off coupon, so for $7.49 it came home with me!

The wicker has a couple of small nicks, but the rubber is in great shape, and there is a rip in the lining in the hood.

The really cool part is that there is a lever under the buggy part that allows the entire buggy to be raised and reversed!

Rosemary is in the background wearing her summer sailor outfit!

Didn't need it, but sure wanted it. LOL
I guess I'm regressing.


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Woot! Woot! Bargain of September!!! Wow, love it! & Rosemary is lookin' very Summery in that Sailor Suit!!! Wow, I expected to see this buggy packed w/Christmas pkgs come holiday time!!! SWEET! TFS, Candy! Jeanne S.

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oh Candy, you are going to have fun "playing" with that during holidays or whatever.
I have a wicker bunny buggy I couldn't live without some years ago when I saw in the antique mall.

hugs, Karen

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Wow Candy, What a great find!You are they world's best bargain shopper.
I've admired wicker carriages for years..looks like Rosemary likes it too.

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Get outta here!!! I've been watching those go from $350-$500 around here. So happy you found Rosemary a new ride. What a screamming DEAL.whoot whoot

So glad Nana mentioned this post. I was ready to head to bed and the light came on.


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Great wicker carriage, and I can't believe the prices you pay! geesh! :p

Show close-up photos of the wicker damage and I'll tell you if it's something that can be repaired.

A few years ago I was working at a place within a residential area. A woman living there was throwing away a GORGEOUS wicker sofa because her dog had eaten away lots of it. I would have LOVED to take and repair it, but it just wasn't something I could do at the time. I didn't want to see it crushed in the garbage truck, so I convinced her to post it for free on craigslist. When I saw her again she said a couple from a local antiques place took it for free, did the repairs themselves, and sold it for $1000. I'm so glad it was saved.

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Wow Candy! Good for you..that little cutie was just waiting for you to take it home.. I saw one months ago at GW that was in such bad shape and yours looks great .
I agree, I think you and Rosemary will have lots of fun playing with it!!l Have fun...

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Such a teriffic bargain! Love the poster's idea of filling it to the brim with wrapped Christmas packages which really wouldn't have to have anything in them. Maybe even a ribbon to dangle from the handle? Fun.

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My mother was born in 1918 and we have a family photo somewhere of her in her baby carriage. Hers and your carriages are very similar. Is yours vintage? If so, it may be valuable.

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Candy, You find the all the good stuff. That carriage is adorable and will be so cute sitting under your tree either filled with packages or with other old toys. I talked one of my friends into buying one a few years ago for his wife to put her childhood doll in under their tree and that was just the neatest thing.They are both getting so feeble now that I haven't seen it out in a couple of years. Yours immediately made me think of theirs.

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PM, the damage is minimal, but here is the photo:

Swest2, yes, the carriage is vintage.
The paint is worn on the handle, has a few chips on the frame, and the rubber is obviously used, but for the most part it is in great shape.


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Candy, with matching materials, that is an easy fix and would take me almost no time or effort! I cannot tell from the photo exactly what the material is though -- or what size it is. The photo makes it look like it could be woven with twisted paper or some kind of cording because I see what looks like a twist in the weavers. You may be able to tell by a close inspection or by feel. If that's the case, I don't have materials that would be a good match for that. If it's reed and I knew the size (diameter) I could send you a bit and tell you how to do the fix yourself. LOL!

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I'm being a butinskee.....

But I think the buggy top need to be one the other side so
"mommy" can see baby while she is pushing baby.

I have a dolly buggy that is an old canvas. Mine is very much a toy...yours looks like it's made like a real one.

I have tried to put decorations in mine....but having little great grandaughters....some how the decore finds it's way to the floor and grandmas dollys get a ride in it.


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